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C Language - C Concepts

We are starting here a new beginner level course of C language and hope to be liked by you . Now a days , we use the various high level programming languages like JAVA , PYTHON and Ruby , Perl but the importance of C language is same as the computer science history and will remain as it it .

This course is going to help everyone , who becomes the part of this . No matter , If you are new the C language or computer programming or working as a professional . It is just a beginner level course to learn C  language in short span of time or you can also take this to brush up your concepts .

What will i get by this C language basics tutorial :

1. If you are new to C language , this tells you the importance of  programming and the
    implementation into C Code .

2. You are going to learn the Syntax of C language .

3. You are going to learn the flow of code and and practicing the flow of code .

4. You will get the the Code implementation along with the theory part .

5. Brief Description of the implemented code examples .

6. At last you will have a beginner level series of assignments .

How much will i pay for this :

You are permitted to learn here for Free , Not a single penny to access any of the Course Page .

What is the syllabus for this Course :

Part 1 :
Hello World Program
Variable and Types
Data Types
Operations on Strings
Various Conditional Statements
Static Keyword
Functions and Arguments
Dynamic Allocation
Some Predefined functions

Part 2 Basic Algorithms :
Linked List
Linear Search
Binary Search
Bubble Sorting