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How to prevent Online Frauds

How to prevent Online Frauds

Technology is enhancing day by day and more people are connecting with technology . It is better to the " Ease Of Doing " Fundamental but many people become the victim of online fraud due to lack of fraud awareness . Some Black minded people are using the different ways to steal the security credentials . Most of the Online frauds , people make due to lack of awareness rather than the technology bugs .

Today i saw the unwanted and Irritating Emails in Inbox with Money promising and other diverting emails . So I am listing here some of the ways that , fraudesters can use to steal information and can play with your hard earned money .

  1. Know the person , you are dealing with - To complete any type of transacton or providing the details like Debit card , credit card etc , checkout the person or the company brand with whom you are dealing .
  2. Look at https:// in the website URL - This is the first step to enter into the safe zone that you see the https:// in the URL of website to provide the details . 
  3. Never Communicate with Unsolicited E-Mails - Sometimes yo get the the hundreds of irritating and unwanted Emails in the Inbox and spam folders and they can ask you to generate new credit card , debit card , bank details and also can ask you to click the untrusted websites links to either generating their web traffics or spam purposes . 
  4. Do not go with the promises to earn money easily - If someone or any company either say you to become Millionaire or Billionare overnight or make promises to pay you some money , There are the 90 percent chances that they are spammers . .
  5. Trusted Organizations never ask the Credentials over Phone calls - Sometimes you may get a phone call with the names of the Reputed Organizations or their employees and can ask about security credentials or OTP details , But Be Careful This Time . Any Reputed Organization , Banks never ask these details over the phone calls .
  6. Prefer the Two Step Verification - Yes , Two way Verification and Authentication in the Mobile Apps and Websites make you more secure on the internet .
  7. Never share OTP's to unknown person - OTP is the acronym of " One Time Password " . OTP is to be asked when you do the transactions or Registers Somewhere and before the Important steps to verify the real you . You can get OTP using Registered Mobile by SMS or phone call Or by Email with pre-registered E-Mail . Sometimes You see the delay in getting the OTP due to weak data connection oe else and close the work . If someone ask you for the generated OTP , Do not tell to unknown . Both Used and Not Used OTP can harm you and can break your security So Be Most Careful while OTP's .
  8. Install Mobile Apps from trusted Stores - Sometimes Untrusted and Spam Third parties can ask you to install the applications into mobile phones and can steal the informations without asking about them . You can go with the Safe App Stores like Google Play , Amazon App Store to download and install the applications . These trusted app stores like Google App Store and Amazon App Store already check the possible vulnerabilities in the Third Party Applications and also regularly scan those applications to make their platforms more secure and trusted .  
  9. Use the Safest way to Pay - If you are sure about the person or company with whom , you are dealing but you are not sure about the offered deal or product then using the credit card is more safer than the Debit cards , UPI and others because you can dispute the charges if not get the products . 
  10. Take Proper time to Think and Pay - Yes , If you are getting the multiple requests to pay for any service or product then Resist the pressures and Take the proper and sufficient time to check the Service or Product details and descripion , contact details and then pay or Provide Details .