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Seven bridges of konigsberg problem

Konigsberg was a popular place in russia because of its seven bridges problem .
Now the city name of Konigsberg changed in russia . It was the time of 1936 , when this problem was very popular .

7 bridges problem of konigsberg :

There were two islands and was surrouned by rivers so people made seven bridges to connect the islands and the river banks .

But it was a big puzzle to reach at the same point , from he starts , via traversing all the bridges once .

Who gave the solution :

Euler was a very popular mathematician and he gave the proper answer to this problem with mathematical proof using the graph strucures .

Solution to 7 bridges problem :

We can understand this by the below steps -

1. Euler created a new graph with the same behaviour of the 7 bridges of konigsberg .

2. According to Euler the definition of degree  -

Degree is the number of crossing bridges ( edges ) on the crossing point ( vertex ) .

3. If the Degree of each and every vertex in the euler graph is EVEN then this kind of problem can be solved otherwise not .

4. Euler graph made for the 7 bridges problem containd ODD NUMBER vertices so according to Euler graph theory , the solution is not possible for this problem .

There was no any mathematical solution was available for such kind of problems and became the reason for the research in the Graph Theory .