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C language Part 1 - Beginner Level Course , Hello World Program

C Language Beginner level

Hello World Program :

The basic syntax to write any program in the C , you have to write a main() function because when you execute this program , main() function gets loaded automatically and executes the code inside it .

Syntax to Print Hello World :

//Hello World Program
void main()

Note :
  • It is must to use # , before the line that we want to execute at first and # is called Preprocessor here .
  • It is must to include some header file in the c code as need , here we included " stdio.h " header file . 
  • To execute any code in C , It is must to write inside main() function .
  • Here we use the Curly Brackets ( { } ) to tell the compiler that , we wrote some lines inside a code block . Every block of code that contain multiple number of lines , we use { } .
  • Here printf is a keyword , used to print anything using the C language and we use Double quotes ( " " ) to write a set of characters or a string . 

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