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Python basics

Python is most popular among all programming languages recently . It is because of the huge functionalities and library inside this language .
Python was invented by Guido van Russel during his vacations as a new project to create an interpreter . The syntex and procedure he used while creating this interpreter is called python later . Python 3 is the suitable version to all . We all just need to download and install the python package to execute the python scripts on computer .
Python is platform independent can be run on all operating systems , just need to install python package .
Python has an interpreter to execute the scripts and command line for the user interface but command line only executes on command at a time and not a entire script .we can install other IDE like Jupyter to execute the entire python script .
Python syntax is very easy and short because of huse library support that makes it most popular .
Pyhon scripts have the .py extention while saving .
How to Run Pyt…