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What is Data Structure and Types of data structure

Data Structure is an organized way to store the data through various Linear and Non-Linear ways . Data structures Algorithms are the initial stage to start for programmers of any kind like desktop softwares , mobile applications or web applications . Data Structures contains various algorithms to complete different kind tasks in the programming practicals .

Some of the very popular and useful concepts for the structuring of data in the programmes are –
1.Arrays – Arrays are the collection of the same type of data types . If an element stored in array is Integer type , definitely all other of Integer Data types . All the elements stored in an array are numbered from index 0 to n-1 . This array block covers a block in the memory keeping together its elements at one place . It is a Linear data type structure .
2.Linked Lists – Linked Lists store the data elements in the same way as an array does but linked list can store the elements at different-different positions in the memory and , l…