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What is Waterfall Model in Software Development Life Cycle

Now a days Waterfall Model is outdated but it is the oldest model for defining the software development life cycle . Waterfall model shows the various steps of software development process . 

Waterfall model dominated several number of years to the software development life cycle . Software passes through many of the development process and waterfall model shows those steps in very easy linear consecutive steps of development process . 

Waterfall model only starts, when the developers get the complete requirements of the software on which they are working .

Waterfall model is the oldest , classic model and the base of other modern models that are working even today in the software industry .

As we know , software development is not only a process of only coding the softwares , developers cross the various steps like knowing the requirements , makink specifications , designing , coding etc . 

So let we give here a look the various linear consecutive steps of Waterfall Model -

Waterfall Model in Software Development Life Cycle

1. Getting Concept or Reqirements Analysis -
This is the first and most important phase of developing a software . Developers or Engineers talk to the customer first to list their requirements and expectations in the software for which customer is hiring a company . This phase gives the complete and concentrate directions to the entire software development life cycle . Software companies directly contact to the customers and gve them the Time Cost , Money cost , features details etc and also add the changes from customer side n this phase .

2. Developing Software Requirement Specification (SRS ) -
Software development is not like a one day cricket match that ends within a day but Teamwork is same as a cricket match . Specification is a detailed analysis of customer requirements and specifcation gives the working guidelines and easy to understand guidelines for the entire team of 2 , 5 ,10 or many developers . If a developer leave the project and another one joins , then written specification helps him to understand entire strategy . 

3. Software Designing -
This phase consists of the various features like data structures , software architecture , interface representations and  algorithmic details . This phase include the all algorithms , concepts , IDE informations , technology informations , Coding languages informations , URL Diagrams that they need to implement at the coding time . 

4. Coding Phase -
Now , after the Designing phase of  SDLC , It is the time to implement all the designing into the form of software codes . Software companies or developers use the different Coding languages that are previously discussed by them in the SRS document .

5. Testing of  Software -
This phase works as a doctor in the software development life cycle that detects the warnings , Errors oe any kind of informal thngs n the software coding . Now it is the phase of software development to check again the software codes , execute repair the codes if errors detected and generate the error and bugs free software code .

6. Packaging -
After building the codes and performing the testing operations , developers integrate all the individual programmes to build complete software package .

7. Implementation -
In this time , software company delivers the build software package to the customer . company installs the software package at the customer side and put t into practical use . Customers check the entire project , use that and if anything goes wrong n the software package according to customer then it goes to the maintenance phase .

8. Maintenance - 
In this phase software company repair the errors generated in the working phase of software package or suggested by the customer to implement something or repairing any kind of error . 

Advantages of Waterfall Model -

  1. Easy and simple to understand
  2. Step by Step consecutive steps of development 
  3. It is best for the projects where Software Requirements are very clear .
Disadvantages of Waterfall Model - 

  1. High amount of risk of time and money cost .
  2. It s not good suite for large projects .
  3. No one can define the tme range of entire development because of the time spend in each phase .
  4. After development completion , It is hard and tme taking to make changes .


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