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Funda Of Satellites Working and Uses

We use Televisions , Internet , Radio Services , FM but It is knowledgeable that all these can not work without satellites . Satellites make possible any communication or signals transferring from one place to another wirelessely .

What is a Satellite - 
All the objects in the space situated in an orbit moving around one another are satellites but we can categorize satellites in two major categories -

1. Natural Satellite - 
We say Moon is a natural satellite that is moving continously around the earth and many other natural satellites available in the space orbits .

2. Artificial Satellites -
These satellites are human made . There are many big organizations like NASA , ISRO that work to create space satellites to complete particular tasks . NASA , ISRO have launched many of the space satellites that are working to make communicaton easier among countries , states and countries .

Satellite Overview

Artificial Satellites recieve signals from the one place of earth and transmits to the other place in the form of Radio Waves .

Components of an Artificial Satellite -
Components of a satellite can be different according to the needs for completing the particular tasks for that artificial satellite for which it is made .

Basically Satellites in the space orbits contains High quality Cameras , Different Radio waves or Signals Reciever and Transmitters , Various kind of quality sensers like , Temperature sensor, Soil fertilizing quality sensor , Air Ingredients measuring Sensors etc to record a planet informations for sending to earch again for research purposes .

Who launch the Satellites -  .
There are many country level organizations who able to build the Satellites but they are unable to launch their own satellites so they rely on the foreign country services .

Some of the major countries capable to build and launch their satellites are Soviet Union , US , France , Japan , China , UK , India , Israel , Russia and some more .

Satellites Working

How Satellites Work -
Satellites follow a broad mechanism of working but here we will get an overview of satellites working .

first of all , any satellite is based on the signals or radio waves  that are broadcasted and recieved somewhere , satellite works only as intermidiate signals transmitter .

Major 4 components for satellites working -

1. Broadcaster - A person or place that sends signals like Television channel broadcaster .

Receiver TV Antena

2. Receiver - like all Television audience at multiple places .

3. Uplink - 
Any broadcaster transmits any kind of signal , may be radio signal , whatever , is beamed towards the satellite . That is the only reason that broadcasters use Antena at a specific direction toward satellite . This path of signals from broadcaster to satellite is the Uplink or Upstream .

4. Downlink -
Satellite passes the broadcasted signals to the destiny points . This path of signals from Satellite to the Reciever ( We use Tata sky , DTH , other Antena for using the Television channels at home .) is Downlink or Downstream path .

For a broadcasted beam of signals , there is only one Uplink but many Downlinks because A Radio channel is broadcasted from one place but have the listeners at multiple places .
Uses of Satellites - 

1. Signals Broadcasting -
Broadcasting services at the present age are not possible . All the Television channels are broadcasting the signals usng the satellites , Radio channels are using satellite services , Telephone , Mobile operators use the satellites services .

we can not assume of calling someone if satellites not available because Mobile operators broadcast their signals using big Antenas towards satellites situated in the space orbits and then these satellites transmit the mobile signals to the our local or regional operator antenas and we get the mobile network in our region .

Same procedure is followed by the radio channels that they broadcast a channel or voice at a specific frequency to satellites and then datellite distribute signals to multiple regional Antenas and we get radio channel voice in our region by at fixing a specific frquency level on radio device .

2. Forecasting Purposes -
Satellites are not limited to the Signals broadcasting for the Communication purposes only . Satellites is capable to cover the entire earth to get different Location informations and Weather forecasting , Temperature details records and many more .

3. Astronomy Research Purpose -
Satellites can be said back bones for the space researchers and space exploring organiations like NASA and ISRO . These organizations launch the satellites in space to complete the various researching tasks or for getting the various informations like -

  • To make the maps to different planetary surfaces .
  • To take the various Pictures of Solar system or Any Planet , Planet surfaces etc .
  • To record the Temperature data , Human life possibilities , soil fertilization data , Air Components and quantities of different particles in air at a planet around that Artificial Satellite is  situated in Space Orbit .