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Why organizations prefer Cloud Services

Now a days Cloud computng is the fastest growing technology among all . cloud computing evolution is the way of businesses operate these days . Like before , an organization starts with a large space for expensive computers and a own server and employees to maintain these But now scenario changed and they prefer to use cloud servers to reduce the expenses overall .

cloud computing

Benefits of using Cloud Services -

1. No need to purchase and setup of expensive resources - 
Cloud service providers have their own servers . They use most expensive systems that are not affordable alone for a particular organzation . Organizations use the systems of cloud service providers and pay as they go .

Basically cloud service providers has the large systems and storage space and provide those on rent facilities at cheap prizes . 

2. Easy Backups and Recovery -
Organizations can have very large number of work files and not easy to store on own system servers . Cloud providers provide the backup services and store data at more than one system or server . If someone suddenely deletes the data , efficient recovery available for cloud users .

3. Easy to increase Storage Capacity - 
Cloud service providers contain the servers of containing large number of computers with large capacity hard drives and provide limited space as the organization pays . It is easy to increase storage space for users if they want , just have to pay more fare for space .

4. Data available Anytime and Anywhere -
Everyone is free to access all the stored files anytime and anywhere without the device restrictions . For not having the device and platforms restrictions provide an independent and stress free environment in organizations .

                                    Cloud computing

5. Scalability -
Cloud service providers use the servers at different places and different countries using a Distributed Network model . It they need more space , they easily scale up the server . Cloud users just entertain the features and service providers handle all the headaches .

6. Faster Deployment - 
Organizations store their lage software platforms on cloud servers rapidly . They get better servicing speed because of the expensive systems and large storage capacity at server side available . All organizations can work with cloud computing because cloud services are for all services users like - 
  • SaaS - Software as a A Service
  • PaaS - Platform as a A Service
  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a A Service

7. Security issues - 
Informatons stored on our computer device , Mobile devices can be stolen easily But Cloud service providers use encryptions and other expensive technologies also to secure data . We just need to enter , username and password to gain access to our data . we just need to handle our username and password . That is also a big reason for organizations to prefer Cloud Service .


  1. hosting the websites on cloud platform is also more cheaper and faster than normal hosting servicing .

    1. Thanks shubh for mentioning important point .

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