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What about 3D Printng , Working and Uses

We see 2D printers many times that prints anything we want , on a A4 size paper basically . We all have used 2D printings but it is amazing to thing , we can also print 3D models these days .

If we want to copy a material of 2 meter length and 3 meter width , It is possible and we just need a computer design of that model and a 3D printer .

How 3D Printing works -

To make a copy of anything , any design , we need to create a 3D design using the computer softwares . Many of the new softwares are available in the industry but we can also go with the well known softwares for CAD designs ( Computer Aided Designs ) .

Now we need a 3D printer . When we feed up the computer designs to the 3D printer , It slices that 3d design into thousands of thin layers and starts printing that design layer be layer to convert that 3d design into reality .

Uses of 3D printers -

We can not bound the possibilities of 3d printing uses but 3d printing playing vital role in the major industries and many of the new companies and startups are prefering the 3d printing evolution to reduce the costs for designing the products prototypes , manufacture for each product differently and to reduce timing to get rapid Inhand product printed .

Some of the amazing uses of 3d print evolution are here -

1. Prototyping -

If you are a product based company and you want to show your product model to hour customer then prototype is needed .

Prototype is the exact same copy of the original product to showcase the original one .

When products based companies need a prototype for example of a new car model , they hire a designer and then create a small size mini prototype to present the parts and included features of original product before the manufacturing of original one .

3D printers evolution made it very easy to design and print a 3D model in a bunch of some minutes or hours .

Companies need to create a 3d design using the computers and then need to feed that design into the 3d printer , okay it's done .

2. Manufacturing -

It is wonder to think the user end products to be built by a printing machine but 3d printer also made it possible .

Many of the major groups like Audi are using the 3d printers to print the Spare Parts for the cars and other objects and after these , they only need to assemble these printed parts to create an entire group of small objects , a full car .

But the question arises that How is possible to print Metal parts with a printing machine .

So we want to clear that 3d printers are not for the plastics but metals printing is also possible .You find a large range of 3D printers available in the market  .

You can not directly easily use the 3d printers and designing the 3d models on your computer . You need to learn the basics of these printers and the 3D printers sellers may provide some training . You can also learn about 3d printing from YouTube . There are many real time manufacturing videos available at free .

3d printers are useful for many of the major sectors like - 

1. Education -

3d printers are able to let students understand the materials designs easily in the clssrooms . There are many of the topics very virtual and students can not imagine at good but 3D printing gives a high level copy of the computer designs and prints a 3D copy with the real length , width , and height as the original materials .

2. Medical -

3d printing is helping the doctors and medical researchers to make it easy to understand the terms . Like to create a replica of teeth for the dentists and also useful to use at the dental clinics .

Reaserchers are taking steps towards creation of Human Body parts using the 3D printing evolution .

3. Automobile -

3D printing helping a lot in the automobiles products or parts designing , create replica and building the entire products by assembling small printed copies .

4. Metals or Steel based products -

This technology is very effective and cheap to create the better matel or steel products like houseware utensils , Furnitures etc .

Future Possiblities -

It is not easy to thing exactly , what may be the great further uses of this amazing 3D Printing technology but It is sure to say , it has a strong and long running and never lasting future .