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World's smallest size MiniPC with windows10 and android os

Many of the people like to use LAptops , Tablats and Mobile phones to work anywhere . People hesitate to keep Laptop devices together at travel time or can not gain workplace freedom because of laptops large size and Tablet devices are not able to execute the softwares , that are compatible with windows laptops .

smallest size MiniPC with windows10 and android os

To overcome this problem , Hong Kong gadgets manufacturer company Mipcworld prepared the mini sized device MiniPC .

MiniPC is designed to work wth Windows 10 and Android operating systems .

Features -

1. Compatible Operating systems -
MiniPC is prepared to work with the two most popular operating systems , Windows 10 and Android 5.1 . User see both the operating systems option while started and can select one to work with .

2.  Powerful Processor -
MiniPC contains Atom X7-Z8750 processor and compatible to work at the 2.56GHz clock speed .

3. Storage - 
MiniPC contains 8GB inbuilt RAM and 128 GB storage capacity and obiviously microSD card supportable .

4. Touch Screen Display -
MiniPC is designed with 5 inch touch screen display with 1280*720 pixel resolution support .

5. Wireless Connectvity - 
MiniPC is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and Dual Band Wi-Fi features .

6. Connectivity Support - 
MiniPC contans USB 2.0 , 3.0 and latest USB-C ports to connect to the other devices and Ethernet and HDMI port features also available .

7. Battery Backup -
It contains 6000mAh battery and may provide battery backup of almost 6 hours .

8. Fold able Keyboard -
Project head of this project said to provide a keaboard with this 5 inch display device MiniPC .

Expected Prize - It is expected to come with affordable cost of  150 to 300$ and expected to come in the market from September month of 2018 .