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How to store data online with cloud services

Cloud storage - 

Cloud storage is a feature to store the files online . There are many companies , providing cloud services . Cloud storage gives the opportunity to access and use data anytime and anywhere online .

These companies use their big computer servers to store data and use distributed network for better functionality .

We can use these services on mobiles , computers , tablets and on all operating systems like Android , Windows , Mac os x , iOS   .

Here is a short good collection of these cloud storage service providers -

1. Google Drive-
Google drive
Google Drive

Google drive is a part of Gsuite collection . GDrive is a free service to store data online upto 15 GB . It also provide paid plans for 100GB, 1 TB , 2 TB, 10 TB , 100 TB . Google drive synchronizes with all google apps like google docs , spread sheets , word files , presentation files etc . It was launched by google in 2012 . Google drive apps are available in all platforms like Android , Mac , Windows .

2. Media fire -
Media fire

Media fire is a online data storage service provider . Media fire can store all types of files online . Media fire apps are available in all platforms as , android , mac os , windows , Linux , blackberry and web browsers . It can synchronize with our devices and provide the feature to access data anywhere and anytime . You can start free and can upgrade later .

3. Drop box -
Drop Box

You get here free 2 GB storage space online to store data . This 2GB can be increasedhere by some refferal programs and even paid cloud storage is available for more data .

Dropbox Business subscriptions allow users to collaborate on work and providing each person unlimited space in a personal Dropbox account.

4. Box -

Here we can upload large files and all type of files.
Box with content management and file sharing service for business box provides free model to work for users to share the files to host the files and to store the large online content box company provides applications for all platforms like Windows Mac OS . Box was founded in 2005.

5. Sugarsync -

Sugarsync is an online cloud and backup service . It provides synchronization across devices and computers for file backups , access and file transfer .
Sugarsync works with variety of operating systems Android , windows ,mac os x , ios .

6. Onedrive -

Onedrive is a cloud file hosting service owned by Microsoft . Onedrive features the users to store windows data directly to onedrive . Onedrive was named SkyDrive before .
Files can be synced to a pc and accessed from a web browser or mobile device . Files can be shared public or with specific people .

7. DigiLocker - 

Digilocker is a clpud based service and an initiative by government of india . All indian citizens can use DigiLocker by linking with national id proof Aadhar card .
Here All legacy document files are free to store upto 1 GB individually .