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How to generate revenue from blogs

Yes , It is true . Google Adsense make it happen . Even blogging is able to pay only pocket money but many of the full time bloggers earn more than the full time salaries .

Bloggers use various ways to increase the earnings . some of the bloggers ways , we are listing here -

1. By placing Ads on Blogs or Websites -
There are big Ads managers available in the market to help you to do this . Most popular Ads manager , we know about are Google Adsense and and trust worthy . You can also choose other Ads networks manager like Propeller Ads , Infolinks , Chitika etc .

At first , you need to register with an ad market . I personally recommend Google Adsense to prefer because of sharing the 70 percent of an ad to publishers( Blog or Website owners ) and 30 percent for google .

2. By Affiliate Products -

It may be difficult way at starting edge of being an affiliate journey . Yes , it can give you more than google AdSense and other ads managers with the correct strategy .

You can search internet , and you find a big list of affiliate marketers with good income .

It's okay . But ...
How bloggers make money by Affiliate Marketing ?

Not a simple way but working and takes time  .

At first you need to some companies like E-Commerce , domain sellers etc that offer affiliate marketing .

Try to become affiliate with the companies giving the high reward for helping them to sell their products and for generating new customers .

At first you need to register at Amazon or any other affiliate provider and they will generate an unique link for you to share it or give you a code of lines to paste in the your blog to embed it .

You can also promote some particular products through a blog or social media and if your readers convert into the consumers for that company , it will pay you some pretty cash .

3. Promote your own brand or Products -

If you personally have a brand or anything you want to sell , your blog can help you a lot .

You can Digital products like Ebooks , pdf files of tutorials or guide at reasonable prize and can make good earnings .

For example , you have a book store and sell the books offline but , want to increase sells . You can promote your most selling books through your blog or can sell online because of the large reach of your blog .

Almost all big brands write first about their brands motive , features , capabilities , terms and conditions etc in a well mannered documentation to clear the FAQ's of consumers . So a product dedicated blog may be effective option .

4. Sell your Skills -

If you are Willing either as a part time worker or as the full time freelancer , blogging can give a path to sell your skills .

Basically , If you can design the web pages , you can connect directly to needy persons , and does not matter , what you do , A skilled person can make it more .

You can join Upwork , Freelancer , Fiverr to get a part time job and many of selected freelancing as the full time career just create a good portfolio and mention your blog there . If you mention your blog on freelancing platforms , it helps you to get new good projects to work .

If someone other can do , you can also make it happen , if you wish and like freelancing or get bored with full time 9 to 6 job . Freelancing is a better option .

conclusion -

If you choose to make some extra earning cents by blogs , it is possible and intresting field and most of important to tell that , it may give you less sometimes but a valid way and go with the trusty Ads managers , trusty Affiliate registrations , right freelancing customers and platforms to get good results  .