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How to become Domain Reseller

We purchase domain names , hosting services to make a website visible to others online but we can also become the domain and hosting reseller . There are many good trusted websites in the market , that gives the entire features to become a domain reseller and freedom to sell under own brand .

How to become Domain Reseller

How to become a domain reseller -

1. Choose a perfect domain reseller -  Here we are listing somr of the popular and trusted domain resellers and can choose your one among these easily.
You must check the setup costs , domains prizes available to you , account activation fee , cPanel service and customer service to your clients , before you register to any reseller account .

Some of the cheapest domain resellers are -

2. Register as a Reseller - 
Now after full satisfaction and clear business strategy ,Register your Reseller accounts . At first , you need to fill some details to all and have to pay the activation free .
Some Resellers provide free setup cost and some take setup costs , like resellrs club dpes not take setup fee but godaddy takes cheap setup fee .

3. Activate Reseller Account - 
After activation of reseller account , you need to some low cost domain names to sell to your clients . You get different discounts here to purchase domain names . Be wise to purchase good domains like .com , .info , .in , .online etc because you have to sell at reasonable prize to your clients .

4. Setup your new domain selling website -
These Domain Resellers provide cPanel features , SSL etc services to your clients throughthroughAPI but you can also manage your website and brands because ultimately , you have to make your clients .

5. Promote your brand -
Now you must take actions towards the promotion of your brand . You can advertise through search engines and social media patforms to engage with customers .

Benefits of choosing these Domain Resellers -
1. Customer Support

2. Free to update your website

3. You can promote as your own brand

4. Cheap domain extensions available . Some domains are very cheap like .online domain at 20-50 INR cost to purchase .

5. Provides customized Storefront and cPanel to your clients .

6. They serve the other features like hosting at cheap prizes , code guard , SSL at affordable prizes .

7. Business and Marketing Tools available .

This business may be tough at starting but can give good results with some time and money investment .


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