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How keywords play with the SEO

You hear the word SEO many times when you talk to boost a website to the search engines . You write better , probably best but sometimes , it does not provide expected results .

keywords SEO

Give a look to the keywords in your website or blog . I am sure that , it will work .

Organic search for a website works as the life enhancer and without using the right keywords , it is not possible .

Do you want to let your website on the first page of google search , then mustly start study the right keywords . Keywords are the bridge between website and the organic search .

How to choose right keywords for blog or website -

1. Use the Keyword Planner Tool -

It is most important to use some specific tools to understand the maths of keywords because , every blogger or writer is not a proffessional and everyone starts from the zero .

Some tools like SEMRUSH , GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER (You will find google keyword planner in Google Adwords while taking steps to start Ads campaign ) , are the kings for helping the right keywords for your niche blog .

These tools tell about the keywords that users use to search something . If you have a travel blog and want to right a post about hill station but not sure to focus on keywords , it will trash your amazing post . Alternatively , use the keywords tool and search for "hill station"I station . It will result a list of mostly used searched keywords for hill station .

Here you have to check the volume , and CPC columns for each keyword .

At first look at the volume and CPC meaning if you are not sure .

Volume - It is the number that shows the quantity of search time for this keyword . Means how many time , it is searched .

CPC - It stands for Cost Per Click . It shows the prize to be paid for an Ad single click .
Note - you try to choose the keyword with the high CPC because it will pay a blogger more for an ad click .

semrush keyword planner

2. Choose long tail keywords -

Yes , it is the point to apply in the blog with attention .

It is fact that the search engines prefer the long tail keywords while organic searches . It is probable to have a very large number and density in the blogs so your blog may gain lossin the huse traffic . Keyword planner tools can help you to choose the better long tail keywords also .

3. Apply reasonable keywords density -

Google algorithms are smart enough to give a blog better rank in searches according to keywords density.

Try to keep almost 2 to 3 percent of keywords in each blog post to let it rank better among searches .

4. Check Competitor's keywords -

Some keywords planner tools can help you to keep an eye on your competitor's keywords and the CPC for those keywords . I personally do not recommend for choosing specific tool but you can search google and will find many free and paid tools .

These is the back bone for blogs so free tools probably will not work as desire . You can use SEMRUSH and it is free for first 10 to 14 uses almost .

5. Where to place keywords in the blog posts -

It plays also a vital role in the keywords gaming . You should keep keyword in the title , first paragraph and anywhere in between the post to keep the good keywords density .

Keep niche keywords in the meta tags and meta description also but you can ignore this because google algorithms working well with the keywords density in the blog post and the long tail keywords .

Conclusion -

1. Never ignore the right keywords in the money making blogs because right and long tail keywords will increase the organic search for your blog .

2. Try to keep the keywords density almost below the 3% of entire post words count .
It is as simple that , google crawlers will keep your blog in organic searches if you and your blog is loyal otherwise crawlers will start ignoring your blog posts .


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