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How Artificial Intelligence impacting the society

Technology is evolving day by day . Artificial intelligence is one of the trending technology these days in computer science . We see , all the working fields are adapting AI devices rapidly even in the large work fields or in the low scale businesses .

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence devices are useful for all and increasing work efficiency . Military , Medical , Engineering , Teachers , Small industres , large ndustries , IT Sector , all are promoting this technology using AI products .

Now the question arises in mind that what is Artifcial intelligence ?

Artificial technology is just a modern key to unlock the traditional computing . Artificial technology just works more and more to make a computer to work better than before and as a human can do .

To understand this technology , we must give a look on the examples of Artificial intelligence tools in the various fields of society -

1. Self Driven Vehicles - 
We are listening the amazing technology of self driven cars , taxi etc . There is no need of drivers . Google tested the self driven vehicle in the rush and public area and found amazing results . Google's Artificial Intelligence team told the self driven vehicles completely safe .

2. Google Voice Search -

Yes , of course , voice search is also a result of better artificial intelligence . This software understands the human voice sensations and type almost without errors and proves itself best results oriented .

3. Siri , Cortana - 
Siri is the very intelligent directions provider program for Apple devices .

Cortana is a virtual personal assistant software comes inbuilt in windows 10 and helps in to-do lists and many more .

4. Robots - 
We all are well known about robots and how robots are replacing some human postings . Robots are the mechanical devices with inbuilt programming codes itself .

Robots are entering all fields like intelligent weight lifting cranes in business industry , Doctor assistant in medical , online Tutor in teaching , intelligent device resources for Army etc .

5. Drones - 
Drones are also mechanical devices like self driven flying vehicles . Many E-Commerce companies are planning to use drones for giving home delivery of products without any losses . Drones use specific Target location to reach at the destinations and use the map technology .

Armed forces also use the drones to target specific locations .

6. Prize and Weather Predictor -
There are many of the websites and softwares available that tell the upcoming prize fluctuations of products and market values .

We can understand this artificial intelligent tool by share market fluctuations predictors .

Weather predictions using the satelites and sensers and many physical devices together make an overall artificial intelligent example .

7. Fraud Detector - 
Security services use the artificial intelligent software to reduce the crime and identify the criminals .

Facr scanners , face identifying softwares and face predictor for a deformed dead face are the relative examples of artificial intelligence .

8. Security Serveillance - 
These days , there are many websites available that directly permit anyone to access the public traffic cameras situated anywhere .

Even in the homes , shops , institutes anywhere , securitu cameras can be found easily .  These camera show the recordings and live recordings on the connected computer monitor . Thus artificial intelligence make these devices more useful .

9. Smart Home devices - 
All Internet of Things ( IOT ) devices can be taken under artificial intelligence . We see many of the smart home devices like electric power savers , smart LED's etc .

10. News Generator like Google News , UC News - 
Of course , these are the indicators to good intelligence . These softwares are basically based on the specific Algorithms .

These news websites do not generate all news itself rather than the algorithms collect news from different news publishing websites and colletcts using the Feed Algorithms .

Impacts of Artifcial Intelligence -

Artificial intelligence became the part of daily life for all . AI technology impacts directly on the human life because these days , we are living in a world of devices and time to time , devices are becoming more powerful and intelligent .

AI making the human life easy to handle even the tough tasks .

AI is working and growing rapidly but some experts says that AI may be a reason for unemployability in future becaue AI devices will replace the human employees .

Many industry experts take the AI technology as the opportunities to the new job sectors for the production and handling of AI devices .

Finally , i want to add that we all became habitual of the AI technological devices and it has a great and long term future definitely .