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Simplify Work with GSuite

Google converted the name of Google Apps to GSuite n 2016 . GSuite is completely cloud based office management software collection . We all used differently all the GSuite softwares but google now packed them together and providing business email with GSuite to make more easy to work for all , even individual or business or startup etc .


GSuite Products  - 

Google basically categorized entire GSuite collection in four categories ->

1. Apps To make Connection and Communications

2. Apps To create the required files for office work . These may be Document files , Presentation files , Google Forms etc .

3. GSuite Apps to access the stored files to google cloud server  .

4. Apps to control the entire work and preventing security .

GSuite Products
For Connecting For Creating For Accessing For Controlling



Google +

Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Meet








Cloud Search




GSuite Pricing - 
Gsuite collection is available in three categories with different - different prize and provided features through the Gsuite Apps .

Google provides three models to purchase GSuit -
  1.  Basic - 5$/User/Month 
  2.  Business - 10$/User/Month
  3.  Enterprise - 25$/User/Month
here 1 user indicates 1 business Email Id provided , like .

GSuite Prize

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GSuite Features - 

GSuite is more flexible to work because of being a part of Google cloud services . No matter , how many employees are working together , All of them can work together from anywhere .

GSuite Apps package is smart enough to make decisions face to face because of Video Conference , to collaborate n real time because of Docs , Spreadsheet , Slides to work together even editing on same file .

GSuite gives the full flexibility with data storage on the online google servers , synchronizing with Google drve that makes the data available to every team member and can download for offline editing etc more features .

GSuite gives the Single Sign on to all apps and two step verification for security purposes . GSuite is more secure , because of its Mobile management to keep data safe of an employee in case of mobile lost , Archive of emails chat .