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What about 3D Printng , Working and Uses

We see 2D printers many times that prints anything we want , on a A4 size paper basically . We all have used 2D printings but it is amazing to thing , we can also print 3D models these days .

If we want to copy a material of 2 meter length and 3 meter width , It is possible and we just need a computer design of that model and a 3D printer .

How 3D Printing works -

To make a copy of anything , any design , we need to create a 3D design using the computer softwares . Many of the new softwares are available in the industry but we can also go with the well known softwares for CAD designs ( Computer Aided Designs ) .

Now we need a 3D printer . When we feed up the computer designs to the 3D printer , It slices that 3d design into thousands of thin layers and starts printing that design layer be layer to convert that 3d design into reality .

Uses of 3D printers -

We can not bound the possibilities of 3d printing uses but 3d printing playing vital role in the major industries and many of the n…

How to generate revenue from blogs

Yes , It is true . Google Adsense make it happen . Even blogging is able to pay only pocket money but many of the full time bloggers earn more than the full time salaries .

Bloggers use various ways to increase the earnings . some of the bloggers ways , we are listing here -

1. By placing Ads on Blogs or Websites -
There are big Ads managers available in the market to help you to do this . Most popular Ads manager , we know about are Google Adsense and and trust worthy . You can also choose other Ads networks manager like Propeller Ads , Infolinks , Chitika etc .

At first , you need to register with an ad market . I personally recommend Google Adsense to prefer because of sharing the 70 percent of an ad to publishers( Blog or Website owners ) and 30 percent for google .

2. By Affiliate Products -

It may be difficult way at starting edge of being an affiliate journey . Yes , it can give you more than google AdSense and other ads managers with the correct strategy .

You can sea…

How keywords play with the SEO

You hear the word SEO many times when you talk to boost a website to the search engines . You write better , probably best but sometimes , it does not provide expected results .

Give a look to the keywords in your website or blog . I am sure that , it will work .

Organic search for a website works as the life enhancer and without using the right keywords , it is not possible .

Do you want to let your website on the first page of google search , then mustly start study the right keywords . Keywords are the bridge between website and the organic search .

How to choose right keywords for blog or website -

1. Use the Keyword Planner Tool -

It is most important to use some specific tools to understand the maths of keywords because , every blogger or writer is not a proffessional and everyone starts from the zero .

Some tools like SEMRUSH , GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER (You will find google keyword planner in Google Adwords while taking steps to start Ads campaign ) , are the kings for helping the…

How to become Domain Reseller

We purchase domain names , hosting services to make a website visible to others online but we can also become the domain and hosting reseller . There are many good trusted websites in the market , that gives the entire features to become a domain reseller and freedom to sell under own brand .

How to become a domain reseller -

1. Choose a perfect domain reseller -  Here we are listing somr of the popular and trusted domain resellers and can choose your one among these easily.
You must check the setup costs , domains prizes available to you , account activation fee , cPanel service and customer service to your clients , before you register to any reseller account .

Some of the cheapest domain resellers are -

Reseller ClubGodaddy ResellerEverdata Reseller

2. Register as a Reseller - 
Now after full satisfaction and clear business strategy ,Register your Reseller accounts . At first , you need to fill some details to all and have to pay the activation free .
Some Resellers provide free setu…

World's smallest size MiniPC with windows10 and android os

Many of the people like to use LAptops , Tablats and Mobile phones to work anywhere . People hesitate to keep Laptop devices together at travel time or can not gain workplace freedom because of laptops large size and Tablet devices are not able to execute the softwares , that are compatible with windows laptops .

To overcome this problem , Hong Kong gadgets manufacturer company Mipcworld prepared the mini sized device MiniPC .

MiniPC is designed to work wth Windows 10 and Android operating systems .

Features -

1. Compatible Operating systems -
MiniPC is prepared to work with the two most popular operating systems , Windows 10 and Android 5.1 . User see both the operating systems option while started and can select one to work with .

2.  Powerful Processor -
MiniPC contains Atom X7-Z8750 processor and compatible to work at the 2.56GHz clock speed .

3. Storage - 
MiniPC contains 8GB inbuilt RAM and 128 GB storage capacity and obiviously microSD card supportable .

4. Touch Screen Display -

Simplify Work with GSuite

Google converted the name of Google Apps to GSuite n 2016 . GSuite is completely cloud based office management software collection . We all used differently all the GSuite softwares but google now packed them together and providing business email with GSuite to make more easy to work for all , even individual or business or startup etc .

GSuite Products  - 

Google basically categorized entire GSuite collection in four categories ->

1. Apps To make Connection and Communications

2. Apps To create the required files for office work . These may be Document files , Presentation files , Google Forms etc .

3. GSuite Apps to access the stored files to google cloud server  .

4. Apps to control the entire work and preventing security .

GSuite Products For ConnectingFor CreatingFor AccessingFor Controlling


Google +

Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Meet






Cloud Search



GSuite Pricing -  Gsuite collection is available in three categories with differe…

What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and how it works

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a trending news these days on the internet . Many persons want to know about this currency . We find many times somewhere ads about the bitcoin third parties on the internet but many are not sure about this . I searched for 2 hour on internet and sharing some knowledgeable information through this post .

What is Bitcoin - 

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is not physically available but available in the software form . Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto . The amazing fact is that , no one knows this man till today .

Bitcoin is a decentralized blockchain currency system that is not as traditional banks headed by central branch of country .

We can say bitcoin system like a publicly handeled ledger book that is transparent to let know anyone about all transactions  .

How Bitcoin Works -

People initially download the bitcoin Wallet and register and invest some money to buy the bitcoins . These purchased btcoins can be used to purchase products or t…

How E-Waste Recycling Works

We see the electronic devices anywhere these days . we live in a world filled with the electronic gadgets . We use a lot of devices at our homes , offices , public place and even in the pockets . Without these electronic devices , our life will be exactly same of the 18th century , where the life may not easy for a person surronded with electronic equipments .

Many electronic devices , we look and work with but what we do after a time period , when they become obsolete and non-worthy ?

Mobile phones , computers , laptops , tablets , telivisions , radios , speakers , air conditioners , and many more , towards we do not pay attention while using them .

What is E-Waste - 
E-Waste stands for Electronic Waste . All the electronic gadgets become e-waste after a time period of purchasing . Smart phones , computers , Televisons , tablets like devices contain the most part of the E-Waste industry . when these devices are not of use , they become raw materials for the recycling process .

What is…

How Internet works globally and Why Internet is Free

This time in india people can live sometime without fundamental services but tough to live without internet . Here , there , everywhere we see the importance of internet . At home , At office , At bus stand , railway station , anywhere people need internet .

Internet is a set of protocols , made globally . Internet is free to use for everyone , everywhere But we purchase the data plans to use internet . I hope , you will understand this reason after reading this post completely . We can say , Internet is ubiquitous to access .

We all know about , how broad the internet is , but it is more deeper network that we look around us .

How internet works -
What really happens when a Computer user visits the .

We can easily understand the process of overall internet working using some straight steps - 
1. Office or Home Device -
We use computer devices , mobile phones , tablet devices any time to communicate through internet . These may be at homes , at office or anywhere at publ…

How Artificial Intelligence impacting the society

Technology is evolving day by day . Artificial intelligence is one of the trending technology these days in computer science . We see , all the working fields are adapting AI devices rapidly even in the large work fields or in the low scale businesses .

Artificial intelligence devices are useful for all and increasing work efficiency . Military , Medical , Engineering , Teachers , Small industres , large ndustries , IT Sector , all are promoting this technology using AI products .

Now the question arises in mind that what is Artifcial intelligence ?

Artificial technology is just a modern key to unlock the traditional computing . Artificial technology just works more and more to make a computer to work better than before and as a human can do .

To understand this technology , we must give a look on the examples of Artificial intelligence tools in the various fields of society -

1. Self Driven Vehicles - 
We are listening the amazing technology of self driven cars , taxi etc . There is …

Why organizations prefer Cloud Services

Now a days Cloud computng is the fastest growing technology among all . cloud computing evolution is the way of businesses operate these days . Like before , an organization starts with a large space for expensive computers and a own server and employees to maintain these But now scenario changed and they prefer to use cloud servers to reduce the expenses overall .

Benefits of using Cloud Services -

1. No need to purchase and setup of expensive resources -  Cloud service providers have their own servers . They use most expensive systems that are not affordable alone for a particular organzation . Organizations use the systems of cloud service providers and pay as they go .
Basically cloud service providers has the large systems and storage space and provide those on rent facilities at cheap prizes . 
2. Easy Backups and Recovery - Organizations can have very large number of work files and not easy to store on own system servers . Cloud providers provide the backup services and store dat…

How to store data online with cloud services

Cloud storage - 

Cloud storage is a feature to store the files online . There are many companies , providing cloud services . Cloud storage gives the opportunity to access and use data anytime and anywhere online .

These companies use their big computer servers to store data and use distributed network for better functionality .

We can use these services on mobiles , computers , tablets and on all operating systems like Android , Windows , Mac os x , iOS   .

Here is a short good collection of these cloud storage service providers -

1. Google Drive-

Google drive is a part of Gsuite collection . GDrive is a free service to store data online upto 15 GB . It also provide paid plans for 100GB, 1 TB , 2 TB, 10 TB , 100 TB . Google drive synchronizes with all google apps like google docs , spread sheets , word files , presentation files etc . It was launched by google in 2012 . Google drive apps are available in all platforms like Android , Mac , Windows .

2. Media fire -

Media fire is a onl…