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Seo tips for website

You spend time on your website or blog and try to make it more better time to time But possibly your hard work may get lost without the attention towards the magic term SEO . SEO is the funda of webste ranking in google searches . SEO increases SERP (Search engine result pages) .

SEO Tips
SEO Tips

Google makes the searches better everyday and updates the algorithms so without the proper SEO techniques , it is hard to keep website visible .

SEO is the speed booser for a website . Seo is just the way to make a website, search engine optimization compatible . Good seo strategy leads to a boost the website efficiency . If you use a website using good content but not getting the enough traffic , there is lack of seo tricks .

At First Submit Your Blog or Website to the Search Engines Webmaster Tools .                    Submit website to Google Search Engine  .                                                                          Submit website to Bing / Yahoo 

Some of the best seo tips -
1. Add Meta Tags- 
Meta tags are the part of <head>    <//head> tags of any website . When someone search the website , Meta tags data is firstly visible to user .

Some of the mata tags are -

Title Meta tag -
<meta name="title" content="">

Description Meta Tag -
<meta name="description" content="Short tutorials">

Keywords Meta Tag -
<meta name="keywords" content="Dhhd,ddbbd">

Meta Tag for the pages indexing -
<meta name="robots" content="index, follow">

Meta Tag for setting the Website Language and characters set -
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<meta name="language" content="English">

Meta Tag for Author Name - 
<meta name="author" content="XYZ">

meta tags importance
Importance of Meta Tags in Search Engine Optimization

2. Add some images - 

Search engine do not read the images , they read the ALT Attribute of images . An image tells equals to thousands words . Images make the website most prior among the same keywords website . Use a simple graphical image with your website tag added .

3. Use Alt Attribute - 

Google also provide the image search facility . Our website images are also searchable as the links and can contribute to website traffic . ALT Attribute make the crawlers easy to understand the image .

4. Use the Keywords - 

Kewords are the most important part of seo strategy . Google search anything on the keywords basis . If your website uses different keywords , you will get a different audience or probably will not get audience .

you can use Google keywords planner  to get the best keywords for your website .

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keywords Planner

Right Keywords make your website more searchable among the google searches .
It's my personal experience that keywords play the major role in the traffic boost to website by organic search .

5. Keep Keywords Consistency - 

Okay you added the keywords in meta tags but it is not more enough . Google searches are also based on the keywords consistency . Means you must use keywords in the blog posts or website content to for a number of times .
You must add the main keyword in the Title , Description and first paragrph to make more keyword density .

6. Enough In-Page links -

Links are the door ways to your website or blog posts for people to come in and reading . Website must have a easy to follow navigation menu .
Websites should contain some other pages links in between the post content .

7. Remove / Modify Broken links -

website broken link irritate the users and tend them to leave the website . If your website contains some broken links , check them and either modify or remove for good website future .

8.  Do not use Underscores in URL - 

Remove the underscores (_)in the url because search engine are not friendly with underscore url's But you can use Hyphen (-) without worry .

9. Mobile Friendly -

keep the website device responsive . Choose the responsive theme/template to speed up the website .
If you are using the custom coding website and can not change the entire theme at once , can use some tips to speed up-

  • Use less css and javascript files
  • Use less Iframes embedded
  • Use less embedded objects

10. Add Favicon - 
Favicon Image
Favicon Image

Websites having the Favicon images plays better results in search engine working and increases seo percentage for website .

11. Add custom 404 page -

Yes , Adding the custom 404 page increases SEO overall percentage . 404 is an error that indicates the searching page is not available on the website and shows 404 error . we can replace this error by adding a diiferent page saying to visit other pages in our way . 

12. Add Sitemap - 

Sitemap is the file that informs search engine instantly when website updated . Sitemap tells the search engine to the new posts content , updation and indexing for google searches . It may be xml file or html file also .
You can save this file with sitemap.xml or sitemap.html names .

13. Add Robots.txt file - 

Robots.txt file works as a guard for website.when search engine looks your website then visits the robots.txt file to check what pages , posts , contents are public to show to the users .
Basically this file hides desired pages , posts , content on the website from the search engine eyes .

14. Make Backlinks - 

Backlinks make the website more secure and stable for long time . More backlinks make more powerful and stable the website in google searches .
Some ways to increase backlinks for the website -

  • Submit website to the directories
  • Shares on social media
  • Write Guest posts
  • Comment honestly on websites

15. Add Google Analytics Tool - 
You must prefer Google Analytics Tool for the real time analytics .

Google analytics tool
Google Analytics Tool

Analytics tool helps to detect the real traffic to the website . Analytics tool has the different sacales to measure the website traffic like audience wise , country wise , time wise , new users , sessions created ,, page views , page clicks etc .

16. Publish Quality Content -

At last Content is the King and SEO is the crown for a website . Your high quality content makes your website better than your competitors .

Some tips to give attention to Quality Content -
  • Use keywords in first paragraph
  • Use keyword density 
  • Try to write more than 750 words in the posts 
  • Use Images with ALT Attributes 
  • Use bullets or numbering for the lists 
  • Use Text Formatting by Blod , Italic , Underline tags 
  • Mention Other pages links in the posts
Final Words -
I hope you got the importance of the SEO Strategy for the Online Content . SEO tricks helps you to get better rankings in the search engines and you know the traffic to a website is like water for a thirsty man . Use SEO and make your website more fit , healthy and growing with time.  


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