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How to promote a website or blog at free of cost

There are many ways available on the internet to promote something , may be a website , blog , service or any business product but you can also promote at free of cost . Here are the some ways listed to do this .

website or blog promotion free
Free Website Promotion

1. Search engine listing -

Yes , search engine listing is the first and beginning promotion for any website . Search engine indexes only those websites , that are submitted their existence .

Google , yahoo , bing all major search engines prefer to show only the indexed websites .

Most of the time , website does not rank with google even having the good content and seo , the reason may be not indexing in the search engines .

2. Using Keywords planner - Google keyword planner is free to use . Relevent keywords to the website are like a good promotion itself . More relevent keywords to website increase more organic traffic during searching results .

3. Social media -

Social media covers more than 70% traffic in the internet communities , then it must a good platform to promote a website or any product .

These social media sites give the advertising feature at some paid prize but not a bad idea for free promotion .

Facebook - facebook gives the free feature to connect new people . Here everyone can create the facebook pages at free . You can join a community of the people like you or like your website and can share your website there .

Google+ - this provides a large number of communities over internet from all over the world . You can follow a community like you and can also create your own collection at free .

Pinterest - pinterest contains the images mostly to describe a lot in short . You can create your web images with website links here .

4. Micro blogging sites -

Twitter - create your profile on twitter start promoting your website links to the twitter community . More followers gives the better promotion and worth to get organic traffic .

Quora - quora is an question answer website . Find the questions about relevent and answer them with linking to your new product .

Linkedin - linkedin is the biggest platform for professionals and job seekers . Create a profile , share your skills and new products as well .

Stumbleupon - This app provides the best of websites , images over the internet so has a big set of real users . It nay be a good platform for promotion at free .

Reddit - it says itself the , front page of internet . It is mostly used website in us according to Alexa . It has also a large set of communities and atleast a community to everyone .

5. Web Directories -
There are many small level web directories available . You can serach internet and find them easily to submit your website .

6. Writing Guest posts -
you are writing better on your website but try to write for other websites as guest blogging . This gives you the new audience and some real backlinks to your website .

7. UC News -
uc covers most of the android devices and shows the uc news . You can register your blog or website here to show in the UC news .


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