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How to work with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft outlook is a personal information manager that is a part of microsoft office suite . Mainly outlook built for e-mail services but calender , task manager , contact manager , note taking , journal and web browsing tools are also available .

Microsoft Outlook Advance provides world class experinces and services with features like E-Mail organization , search communication and social networking together .

This software is really very useful for both , personal and business networks .

1. How to Start - 
At first , adding a new account and account configuration is must .

Microsoft outlook works with the POP 3 and IMAP type accounts .

User gets the information from ISP ( Internet service provider ) or e-mail managers like gmail , yahoo about the configuration .

When we start microsoft outlook first time , automatically a window opens to add an account . Click on finish button .

Click on YES to add account .

Here it demands for Name , E-Mail address , Password and then click on Next button .

Now you see a Progress Indicator on the screen after the account configuration . It can take some minutes to configuration s teps to complete .

Now you can also add another account by clicking on Add Another Account button .

Now click on Finish button to come out this window .

2. How to add personal GMail account as your main account -
It is possible with POP protocol .
Here are some easy steps to make it easy -
-> login to your gmail account .

-> Go to settings .

-> Make sure that pop protocol is enable in Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Also ckeck the " Keep Gmail copy in the inbox " , it features to store mails also on the gmail server .

-> Now go to Add Account Section in outlook and select Manual Configuration .

-> fill Name , email and login informations .

-> fill the below informations in Server Informations -
   Account Type : POP3
   Incoming Mail Server :
   Outgoing Mail Server :

Keep checked the Remember password checkbox to prevent these info every time you use outlook .

-> Click on More Settings .

-> Select the Outgoing Server tab .

-> keep checked the " my outgoing server require authentication " and " use same settings in my incoming server " checkboxes .

-> select Advances tab and fill below informations -
    Incoming Server (POP3) : 995
    Outgoing Server (SMTP) : 587
    Keep checked the " This server require an   encryptic connection (SSL)" checkbox .
    Keep set the " Use the folowing of encryptic connection (TLS)" .

-> click OK to close the window and Next to end the account setup process .
    Now outlook tess the settings for this account and finally click on Close button .

-> Now gmail account is ready to synchronize with outlook .

3. How to read the recieved mails -
You can any mail directly clicking on the mail title . It is just like you open mail in the Gmail website or app .

4. How to reply for a mail -
When user want to reply for an email then sender automatically adds in the box .
And user select Reply All to reply to all senders like cc/bcc .

5. How to send a new mail - 

Click on the New Email in the Home tab or you can use keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+M .

Write Subject in the subject box .

Write the names or email address of reciever in the To/cc/bcc box .

If you are sending mail to more than one reciever , keep all email separated by semicolon ( : ) .

After writing the mail , click on the Send button .

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