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How to make Paper bag by newspaper in minutes , safe for nature

We often use plastic bags to keep the things during purchases. Even at most of the places plastic bags are not legally available because, it harms to the nature . 

We can easily replace these kind of polythenes or plastic bags by using the Paper Bags for the light weight things .

To make the plastic bags is as simple as making a cup of tea . Just some easy steps to follow and a paper bag is ready to use in 4-5 minutes of time .

What we have to do - 

Step 1. At first we need to collect some resources as listed below -

  1.  A color paper or old Newspaper or rough notebook pages
  2. Fevicol or any Gum
  3. Scissor
  4. Scale

Step 2. Now lets start makin the paper bags .
If we want to make a bag of size 15*30 cm then 
1. Take a paper/Newspaper of size 30 cm      
    width and 30 cm height .
2. Fold the paper vertically from mid of the 
    paper .

3. Stick the paper vertical ends using glue .
4. Now fold the bottom as shown in the 
    below image .

5. Put this paper bag infront the table fan to 
    make it dry and ready to usein 3-4 
    minutes .

6. Now we can add the handles to this bag   
    easily by using a ribbon or wire etc .   
    Make the holes in the bad upside edges 
    and veil the ribbon ends as shown in the 
    image below .
7. If you used a blank paper to make the 
    paper bag , you can decorate it as you 
    want  .

Paper is ready to use and you can use it during the shopping of light weight things and you use it a gift bag to someone and many of the tasks you can .

Benefits of using Paper Bags - 

1. Easy to make in just few minutes .
2. Self decorated bags .
3. Very cheap or often free to make .
4. The main thing is that , Environmental friendly and never harms the nature .


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