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How to create effective Powerpoint Presentation

Microsoft powerpoint software is able to create effective slide show presentations . This software gives the huge collection of graphics and formatting capabilities . Powerpoint makes more easy to create a slideshow presentation using text , images , videos ,animations , charts ,tables and many more . We can say this software , a power tool to make dynamic presentations .

Start Powerpoint Presentation -

When you start powerpoint , it starts in the normal view where you can make slides . In starting powerpoint opens a blank presentation template even more many templates are available .

Here you can work directly on slides .
In slides dotted border shows placehoder where you can write text , add picture , charts or other objects .
You can add a new slide from the 'Home' tab >> 'New Slide'
Now this new slide is available in the left side outline and you can change the order of slides here by drag .
You can also add notes about this slide at the bottom .

File tab -

File tab is available at the left top corner of powerpoint software .here are the most beginner tasks are available in this tab . I present theese tasks in the table below -

To save the slides
Save As
To save the document with a different name or extension
To open any previously saved presentation
To come out or close the presently open presentation
To open the files again those are recently opened
To create a new presentation
To print the presentation on the paper or saving in the pdf file

Create New Presentation -

·         Click on the File tab on the top left corner .
·         Here you can select any Theme otherwise select the' Blank theme' and click on Create button .
·         You can also select Recently opened templates .
·         You can choose a template from' My Template' in the left side or from the 'New from Existing' .
·         in the left side , you can also download and install a template online .

To Save the Presentation -

·         You can directly save the presentation by Ctrl+S keys .
·         You can also go to the top left corner File tab .

To close the Presentation -

·         You can directly close by Alt+F4 keys .
·         You can also close from the top left corner file tab .

Insert Menu - 

  • Table
  • ClipArt
  • various Shapes 
  • Smart Art 
  • Charts
  • Graphics
  • Hyperlink
  • Movie
  • Sound

Design Menu - 

  •  Page Setup
  • ThemesBackground 
  • StylesSet 
  • Colors style 
  •  Fonts 
  • Effects

Animations Menu - 

  •  Preview of slide
  • Custom or advanced animation
  • Many animation options are available .
  • These animations may be visible at the time of slide open or close or as speed basis . 
Start Slide Show -

This is the way to see all the slides together in a dynamic way . Slideshow gives a Automative look to the slides and makes your slides more effective before audience . 

This tab contains basically types for various slide shows -

  • From Beginning - It shows all the slides from beginning to end .
  •  From Current Slide - if you have total 10 slides and currently working on 5th slide then it   starts slideshow from 5th slide to 10th slide .
  • Custom Slide Show - It contains some advance slide show features  Setup Slde Show Hide a Slide in Slideshow , Rehearsing ,Record Slide Show , Monitors Group .

Finally Some tips for effective powerpoint presentaton -

  • Try to keep the minimum number of slides for a better presentation .
  • Selection of Font Size - generally font size must above 32 .
  • Try to keep text simple with bullets and small sentences .
  • Use Graphics ( Pictures , Smart Art , Charts , Shapes )to express yourself but keep it comprehensible .
  • Choose a Simple background for presentation theme .
  • Check Spelling and Grammar .


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