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How to promote a website or blog at free of cost

There are many ways available on the internet to promote something , may be a website , blog , service or any business product but you can also promote at free of cost . Here are the some ways listed to do this .

1. Search engine listing -

Yes , search engine listing is the first and beginning promotion for any website . Search engine indexes only those websites , that are submitted their existence .

Google , yahoo , bing all major search engines prefer to show only the indexed websites .

Most of the time , website does not rank with google even having the good content and seo , the reason may be not indexing in the search engines .

2. Using Keywords planner - Google keyword planner is free to use . Relevent keywords to the website are like a good promotion itself . More relevent keywords to website increase more organic traffic during searching results .

3. Social media -

Social media covers more than 70% traffic in the internet communities , then it must a good platform to promote a w…

Seo tips for website

You spend time on your website or blog and try to make it more better time to time But possibly your hard work may get lost without the attention towards the magic term SEO . SEO is the funda of webste ranking in google searches . SEO increases SERP (Search engine result pages) .

Google makes the searches better everyday and updates the algorithms so without the proper SEO techniques , it is hard to keep website visible .

SEO is the speed booser for a website . Seo is just the way to make a website, search engine optimization compatible . Good seo strategy leads to a boost the website efficiency . If you use a website using good content but not getting the enough traffic , there is lack of seo tricks .

At First Submit Your Blog or Website to the Search Engines Webmaster Tools .                    Submit website to Google Search Engine  .                                                                          Submit website to Bing / Yahoo 
Some of the best seo tips -
1. Add Meta Tags- 

How to make Paper bag by newspaper in minutes , safe for nature

We often use plastic bags to keep the things during purchases. Even at most of the places plastic bags are not legally available because, it harms to the nature . 

We can easily replace these kind of polythenes or plastic bags by using the Paper Bags for the light weight things .

To make the plastic bags is as simple as making a cup of tea . Just some easy steps to follow and a paper bag is ready to use in 4-5 minutes of time .

What we have to do - 

Step 1. At first we need to collect some resources as listed below -

 A color paper or old Newspaper or rough notebook pagesFevicol or any GumScissorScale

Step 2. Now lets start makin the paper bags .
If we want to make a bag of size 15*30 cm then 
1. Take a paper/Newspaper of size 30 cm      
    width and 30 cm height .
2. Fold the paper vertically from mid of the 
    paper .

3. Stick the paper vertical ends using glue .
4. Now fold the bottom as shown in the 
    below image .

5. Put this paper bag infront the table fan to 
    make it dry and ready t…

How to work with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft outlook is a personal information manager that is a part of microsoft office suite . Mainly outlook built for e-mail services but calender , task manager , contact manager , note taking , journal and web browsing tools are also available .

Microsoft Outlook Advance provides world class experinces and services with features like E-Mail organization , search communication and social networking together .

This software is really very useful for both , personal and business networks .

1. How to Start - 
At first , adding a new account and account configuration is must .

Microsoft outlook works with the POP 3 and IMAP type accounts .

User gets the information from ISP ( Internet service provider ) or e-mail managers like gmail , yahoo about the configuration .

When we start microsoft outlook first time , automatically a window opens to add an account . Click on finish button .

Click on YES to add account .

Here it demands for Name , E-Mail address , Password and then click on Nex…

How to create effective Powerpoint Presentation

Microsoft powerpoint software is able to create effective slide show presentations . This software gives the huge collection of graphics and formatting capabilities . Powerpoint makes more easy to create a slideshow presentation using text , images , videos ,animations , charts ,tables and many more . We can say this software , a power tool to make dynamic presentations .
Start Powerpoint Presentation -
When you start powerpoint , it starts in the normal view where you can make slides . In starting powerpoint opens a blank presentation template even more many templates are available .

Here you can work directly on slides . In slides dotted border shows placehoder where you can write text , add picture , charts or other objects . You can add a new slide from the 'Home' tab >> 'New Slide' Now this new slide is available in the left side outline and you can change the order of slides here by drag . You can also add notes about this slide at the bottom .
File tab -

File tab…