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Let's start a blog

Okay let's start to create a blog . First thing is the right platform to start a blog . We listed some of very popular blogging platforms all over the world with the features and uniqueness , they provide .

We do not say to you to choose any specific platform from the list because all are trusted and used by millions and all give the best results  .

Just give a look to our blogging platforms list and enjoy blogging with any one as you like . Do not confuse and irritate because all have their own pros and cons . 

Some platforms to start a blog  -

1. Blogger -


Blogger is the oldest blogging platform in or list . It is owned by Google . Blogger is a self hosted service means google takes the responsibility to securely host the written data . 

Blogger was started for the passionates about something that they like to do . 

Blogger is completely free to start and setup a blog with ( like ) extension but it can be changed by purchasing own domain .

Google has the right to take any action with blogger in futute without noticing blog owners but we can trust google and obiviously trusted by the world .

Blogger has a limited templates for blog styles but third party templates are also available .

Blogger websites are completely reponsive for any device and well customized .

No coding knowledge requires for blogger . Any one can start by signing up using google id and password . is world famous for their wonderful website designing built bundle . gives a built wordpress package . We can easily download it from and can install on any website . gives the package free to download and install but requires a purchased domain and hosting service to make website with wordpress installation .

Wordpress has thousands of templates and plug-ins available to make website more better .
Do not confuse between and features and services . 

Simple difference is that service needs to paid for domain and hosting but is free to use . is also a part of community .

There are some restrictions with like we can start at free but can not change the theme , only can customize and edit and also can not install more plugins . 

We can later upgrade to the personal or business plan at to get some additional features and less restrictions .

4. Wix -

Wix websites are very easy to setup and gives very high user friendly user interface .

Wix websites use completely reponsive templates . We need not to think lpt about seo .

Wix is recommended mostly for small business owners to spread their business and organic search on search engines . 

Wix is also more popular about the stunning and amazing designs of templates with quality oriented features like e-commerce feature alredy added in websites .

5. Medium


Medium is simillar to a magazine having different categories or different communities as per the intrests of people .

Medium gives the very highly customized and secure platform for writers with pre-built website . we need not to worry about website design , seo , management etc and says to pay the attention , only writing the quality articles .

Medium does not give the permission to place the ads on articles . It gives rewarding when your article gets more claps .

At medium you can not convert your articles as a brand as other platforms can do . Medium is just read , write and clap platform .

You lose the chances of ads placing like google adsense ,  at Medium .

Conclusion -

All the blogging platforms listed and described above are the most popular and most secured blogging platforms .

All these above listed have a huge community of trusted users and do not hesitate to go with any one as your requirements .

Instead of these , you also have other options like Tumblr , Squarespace , Joomla , weebly etc popular blogging platforms with own pros and cons but now with a small community .

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