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How to make a professional website without coding skills

If you got the idea about your website , collected some raw materials like website logo ( free logo maker )and some well written description and About page. It is not the the time to think more , just put your idea live and present your idea practically .

You do not have to pay a lot of time and money to get your website ownself without coding skills of Html ,PHP , Javascript , Ajax , CSS ,web servers knowledge etc . You can just put your thoughts and business or blog live using the CMS ( Content management system ) available in the market .

People like to choose the various CMS according to their needs but they are not even sure which cms is better to work . Wordpress , Joomla , Drupal are very much popular since the years but according to the reports wordpress shares its widest role in the website cms sector . I recommend wordpress as a beginner because of its smoothly driven responsive layout design and availability of plugins .

Now come to the main agenda of getting a website without coding skills in an affordable cost .You have to follow just four steps -

1. Purchase a domain name -

Domain name is the web address to your website for the users . It is like . You should give your attention while purchasing a domain to the points -

  • Choose a unique domain name .
  • If you are not sure about the website idea completely , try to go with .com , .org , .net , or country specific domain extension like .in , .us etc .
  • Here is a domain providers list . You can purchase domain in cheap prizes from this providers .    
  • Godaddy
  • You can get 25% off on purchasing a domain from Bigrock with this link .                                
If you have a low budget then you can ignore some features initially like SSL Certificate ( https:// connection) , code guard , etc and you can purchase later when you want .

2. Purchase hosting service -

okay after purchasing a domain name , you have to choose a hosting provider to store all the content of your website . There are many providers available in the market for free and paid hosting . I recommend to go with a paid hosting because it contains your so much valuable contents .

You can putchase a plan as requirement . Monthly , quarterly , annum , plans are available on almost all hosting providers .

Here is a list of some best hosting providers -

3. Link your domain name to hosting provider -

Now its time to link your domain to your hosting provider. If you purchased both domain and hosting from same company like Godaddy , then don't worry automatically domain links with hosting .

But if you purchase domain and hosting from different companies , then you need to do some changes in Name Servers . It's not a big task , even only of five minutes .

Now you are ready to go with your live website within 24 to 48 hours of time .

After all the stuff completion , give some time to make website more professional and good looking by installing most popular CMS Wordpress .

4. Install wordpress -

Above listed all hosting providers give you the wordpress option in the CPanel , you can install from there .

Otherwise you can also download free a package of wordpress from . Now you have to upload to the public or www directory of hosting File Manager .

5. Customize website -

Last step to conquer a professional website is customizing it as you want . You should go with changing the wordpress theme . Install some of the important plug-ins as you need .

You should change the theme of wordpress to get more responsive and customized website .

Alongwith almost all of the website owners prefer to add  About Us  , Disclaimer , Terms and Conditions and Contact page while starting a successfull journey .

Create new articles or pages and just publish to add more content .

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial , Good Luck !!!

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  1. Can you tell me , how to make a website , mobile and tablet responsive .

    1. You can choose any device responsive template for your website . And ifyou already have a website , you can add a meta tag viewport to set detect mobile screen .

  2. Why the domain registrars sell domains at cheap prize for the first year but takes big amount for renewal . Is there a way to keep this amount same for renewal also .

    1. I think , it is only marketing strategy for getting more customers .


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