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Google Adsense Eligibiliy and Earnings

What is Google Adsense -

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a way for google to distribute all advertises through genuine blogs and websites . Adsense gives an opportunity to earn for the blog owners as part time basis . The main source for google of earning is Advertising and google income source is basically in two parts - Advertiser and Publisher .

When any person , small business , company needs to grow up the scale of their businesses , surely they need a proper advertising . Advertising can be proposed in newspapers , Television Ads etc but the Social Media , Google , Yahoo changed the scenario and now theese companies rules over the world and have access to almost everywhere in the world . This is the only reason that , Google Adsense is going high .

Google takes charge from advertisers all over the world and then distribute through the genuine websites and blogs .

The main eligibility for having a successfull Google Adsense account is the Text Quality and organic traffic generated on the website .

How to apply for adsense account -

To apply for Google Adsense , directly visit Google Adsense and click the signup button and fill some informations like your mail id , your website or blog URL address , website category etc . Here you can either link your google account or can create a new one for adsense .

Who can apply for Adsense -

  • To apply for Adsense , you must be at least 18 years old .
  • You must have you own Website or Blog .
  • Your Website or Blog should at least 6 months old .
  • Your content should not against the Adsense policy .
  • Very most important point s to consider the quality of content of blog posts or articles generated .
  • Must add about the author , services , Own terms and conditions , contact page , subscribe , easy navigation etc to make your content more near to the heart of visitors , because website is not user friendly , there is no chance for Impressions and Clicks for adsense ads . 

What are the Adsense Policy  -

Google is little bit strict about terms and conditions policy of Google Adsense . If any one fails to follow the policy , google anytime can disable the Ads .

Some of the main reasons , if your account disapproves or disable  -
  • Invalid Clicks and Impressions
  • Encourage the people to click more ads 
  • If your content violates the Adsense content policy 
  • If google finds Abusive content 
  • If you use copyrighted material on website 
  • If you do not use responsive design to website 
  • If you do not add robots.txt file and SEO changes to website .

How much time Google takes to review an application -

Generally google takes a review within 2 days but sometimes Adsense team takes more time and after review , Adsense team sends mail to your valid mail id with the the results of review .

How much can we earn with Adsense -

It depends on advertiser that how much he pays for showing the ads through adsense users . Adsense payments may fluctuate on the basis of ad types , Categories .

Google takes the 32% of an ad campaign . Means if Advertiser pays 100$ to google for ad campaign , then google takes 32$ and distributes 68$ among all the publishers ( websites or bogs ) .

Adsense basically calculates the payment on the basis of CTR , CPC and CPM . Theese terms are easy to understand -

CTR - Click through impressions .
If your website maintains 500 clicks per 5000 impressions then your earning is as -
(500/5000)*100= 10$

CPC - Cost per click .
It is almost 0.25$ per click directly on the basis of advertiser agreement with adsense .

CPM - Cost per 1000 impressions .
Adsense pays 1$ to 1.5$ for showing every 1000 impressions on your content .

What , if google finds illegal activities -

Google seems to strict in this case . If google finds any policy violation , adsense account may be disapproved or disable to show ads .

Alternatives to google adsense -

Yes , google is better among all but in case of disapprovement , , bidvertiser , infolinks are trusted ads manager . is a part of yahoo, bing community and obiviously has a big community .


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