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Let's start a blog

Okay let's start to create a blog . First thing is the right platform to start a blog . We listed some of very popular blogging platforms all over the world with the features and uniqueness , they provide .

We do not say to you to choose any specific platform from the list because all are trusted and used by millions and all give the best results  .

Just give a look to our blogging platforms list and enjoy blogging with any one as you like . Do not confuse and irritate because all have their own pros and cons . 
Some platforms to start a blog  -

1. Blogger -

Blogger is the oldest blogging platform in or list . It is owned by Google . Blogger is a self hosted service means google takes the responsibility to securely host the written data . 
Blogger was started for the passionates about something that they like to do . 
Blogger is completely free to start and setup a blog with ( like ) extension but it can be changed by purchasing own domain .

Google Adsense Eligibiliy and Earnings

What is Google Adsense -

Google Adsense is a way for google to distribute all advertises through genuine blogs and websites . Adsense gives an opportunity to earn for the blog owners as part time basis . The main source for google of earning is Advertising and google income source is basically in two parts - Advertiser and Publisher .

When any person , small business , company needs to grow up the scale of their businesses , surely they need a proper advertising . Advertising can be proposed in newspapers , Television Ads etc but the Social Media , Google , Yahoo changed the scenario and now theese companies rules over the world and have access to almost everywhere in the world . This is the only reason that , Google Adsense is going high .

Google takes charge from advertisers all over the world and then distribute through the genuine websites and blogs .

The main eligibility for having a successfull Google Adsense account is the Text Quality and organic traffic generated on the websi…

How to make a professional website without coding skills

If you got the idea about your website , collected some raw materials like website logo ( free logo maker )and some well written description and About page. It is not the the time to think more , just put your idea live and present your idea practically .

You do not have to pay a lot of time and money to get your website ownself without coding skills of Html ,PHP , Javascript , Ajax , CSS ,web servers knowledge etc . You can just put your thoughts and business or blog live using the CMS ( Content management system ) available in the market .

People like to choose the various CMS according to their needs but they are not even sure which cms is better to work . Wordpress , Joomla , Drupal are very much popular since the years but according to the reports wordpress shares its widest role in the website cms sector . I recommend wordpress as a beginner because of its smoothly driven responsive layout design and availability of plugins .

Now come to the main agenda of getting a website wit…