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How can we run PHP scripts with Xampp Server

Xampp server basically provides all the features and a developed platform to execute the php scripts offline for development purpose . Xampp Server also provides best add-ons apps for a better management of products . Xampp server can be easily downloaded by Apache Friends Website .

To execute PHP scripts with Xampp Server , we need to follow some below steps -

1. At First , Download Xampp Server from , and Install Step     by Step . You will fininish Xampp installation in 2 to 4 minutes after downloading it .

Xampp Download Link

2. After installation , Search Xampp and open Xampp Control Panel .

Xampp Control Panel

3. Now it is the time to start xampp server . A new window open and you have to Start Apache and MySQl Services . You can also start Ftp service if you need .
All the running commands , are visible at the bottom of the window .

Xampp Control Panel

4. If you want to open/Add your projects in the storage directory/folder then ,Click on Explore button . It will open Xampp Folder in drive .

5. You will find htdocs folder here .Copy-Paste your PHP Project in "htdocs" folder .

Xampp htdocs folder

6. It is the time to check the php projects on browser window to test as the live projects . Now open browser and type URL -

Xampp http://localhost

7. It will open index file of your project so be sure to keep index.html or index.php like file in the project otherwise you will need to enter full path of required file in the browser URL .

8. If your project needs database connectivty , Open the  http://localhost/phpmyadmin .
    It will open Xampp Server Database Connector .

Xampp http://localhost/phpmyadmin
9. Go to create , modify , alter , delete the data using this phpMyAdmin database connector for your project . You can create a new database here and can also Import , backup of previous databases .

You can check here your MySql version , web server info and phpMyAdmin details here .

To update the queries , you have both features -
1. Update queries by just clicking on buttons for rows or columns .
2. Update queries by writing manually and execute . You need Sql query writing knowledge for this feature .

Xampp phpmyadmin
10. Now you completed all the basic steps to execute php projects on Xampp Server . Done ...!!!