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Ports available in my HP Laptop

Here are some ports list available in my HP laptop and almost all the computers and laptops have these common very useful ports to connect to peripheral device. 

These are the ports of Hp pavilion Notebook laptop with the Dual core processor ( A bit slow but its okay for Non-Gamers 😉) , 4GB RAM , 500 GB Hard Disk and not supportable to wireless / Wifi ( wifi interface not available 😃 ) .

Theese ports are -

1. Power Supply - To supply electricity to computer / laptop. Power supplying charger has a AC Adapter to convert high voltage AC into required DC voltage.

2. USB Port - To connect mostly peripheral devices like external hard disk,  pen drives , mobile phones  , embedded systems for debugging,  we use USB Ports. 

3. Ethernet / LAN Port - To use enternet using LAN cable or to connect two or more computers by lan cable. I used just 2-3 times in the last year .

4. Earphone Port - we use earphone port to listen music / entertainment purpose .
Mostly a great gift for the music lovers and quality sound listeners .

5. Chip Reader / Memory Card Reader - To transfer data directly between memory card / SD card , we need to use card reader and a card reader port in pc / laptop . I am using Samsung and micromax sd card .

6. CD / DVD Drive - To use a CD or DVD Drive.

Pic Credit : GOOGLE