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Monitor of a computer

To display the soft copy of output in a computer, we use monitor . It is an output device. It is just a a knowledge based article because it is all about the CRT and Flat Panel monitor description .

You purchase the computer , Television , Video games from the market but have you provided your attention towards the monitor of these devices .

Quality of the monitors , HD , High Hd , low resolution screen , High Resolution screen , different pixels size of monitor , all the talks depend about , which monitor are you using . This article may be boring for some tech geeks but has good content for descriptive geeks .

Basically two types of Monitors , i know aboout -

1. CRT Moniter ( cathode ray tube)  -
This monitor is a traditional form of monitors like our Television having a long cover back side . CRT monitor contains a big cathode ray tube that creates pictures on screen by using a electron beam .
Monitor size is to be calculated in inch diagonally .

Resolution is measured in pixels.
Example - if a monitor pixel measurement is 1024*768 , means this monitor contains 1024 pixels horizontally and 768 pixels vertically.

The shortest unit of an image is a pixel.
More pixels in a monitor makes it more qualitative .

2. Flat Panel Monitor - 
This monitor uses LCD ( liquid crystal display)  . LCD is made by combination of many layers which are used to polarize the light rays passed through theese.
LED monitors are also very popular and sounds best now a days in laptop screens.

3. Touch Screen Display -
We are well known about these using in the Smart Phones . We use these screens in playing games and to gain very high Graphics user Interface ( GUI ) to complete the tasks rapidly with great user experience .
Theese screens generally are very sensible to Human Screen and also providing very high gravity sensers attached with the touch screens . This makes the interface very highly capacitive in playing the games .
Even in the desktop computers , laptop devices , Gps enabled Cars , bikes , casino , etc are using high capacitive , smooth touch supportable touch screens .

We can say with guarantee that Touch screens have very bright and evergreen future in the field of technological devices .

4. Human Skin detection without Touch -
It seems like a joke but i saw a youtube video of TED and got amazed that a person is able to perform all the actions on computer screen without touching it . He is just shaking hands to change the directories of the files . He just points the screen by hand from a 10 feet distance and the video starts running . According to the TED talks and the major scientists definitely it has it's evolution era in the future for decades or centuries .

5. Eye detector screens -
You may have seen the eye/Retina scanners in the movies or in the kiosk or E-Mitra centers in India . If a technology in which , we can operate a system or device , just by giving the instructions directly and device perfectly prefer our eyes as the Remote Control . What do you say ?

I think this is the time when we will not need any kind of written work , physically hard work to do etc . Any task will be completed in seconds etc , etc .

Only the disadvantage is that , human will act as perfect Robot , otherwise it seems to look very good .