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Basic uses of Computers

1. In Homes - There are many uses at home like -
* Homework for students -Documents creation , ppt making,  Internet for school work.
* Entertainment - In music,  videos,  games , live streaming videos etc .
* Social Media - like Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram,  Google + to connect to more people .
* To download necessary documents and files .
2. In Businesses - Computer creates Automation,  that increases overall efficiency and performance of any business.  There are many of the businesses sectors , use computers as the root unit. 
Some main business sectors for computer uses are -
* IT Sector
* Teleservicing Companies
* Software and Web Industry
* Stock Market
* Marketing
* Advertising
* Management
3. In Education - Education,  now a days is using the newer updated technologies . To see this scenario, let we take some real time examples like -
* Smart classes in schools and colleges.
* Online Quality Education by universities
* Online Digital Library
* Useful in Research tools etc.
4. In Healthcare -
* Hospital management - Online Appointments,  Tracking of patients's life cycle,  pulse monitoring  , and management work .
* In Medical Laboratories - blood tests , urine tests,  bp check  and monitoring of body changes.
* In Surgery - A very short size of camera insertion in body makes doctors able to not to do big hand sugery because by playing this camera relay, they found the defected part inside body .  Doctors cut the operation only on the part , where needed. 
* Robots as an assistant to doctor.
* In Diagnostic - x rays , sonography , Radiology , CT Scan etc.
5. In E-Governance - Government sector is also using the computers more and more to provide services to the customers easily. 
Some scenarios are -
* Government To Citizen -
- Railway Enquiry and Ticket Booking system ( )
- Passport Service Scheme -
- Aadhar Card Service -
- E- Mitra Services in Rajasthan -
- Crime and Criminal tracking network system
- In modernization of panchayat,  municipalities and Districts
- In schools like "Shala Darpan" to connect all government schools.
- Digilocker - to save users important data online , cloud service .
* Government to Business -
- E- procurement
- Corporate affairs ministry about online registry of companies etc.
6. In Online Shopping - To purchase any product , users need to visit the seller's website and selecting the desired product and adding that product to cart and making online payment makes the shopping in an easy way.  We can payment by  Debit card,  Credit card,  Internet banking , or by cash on delivery.
Some big Online products sellers are -
Homeshop 18
7. In Internet Banking - It is a way of making baking easy.
Some main activities by customer in internet banking are -
- To see account balance
- To download mini statements in Excel and PDF formats
- Services like ordering a new passbook,  checkbook and online profile updation
- Money transfer between linked accounts
- Bill payments and money transfer to third party
- In Investements like shares and mutual funds
- To apply for a loan
- To apply for credit card
8. In Online Booking - Some real time examples we can take for online boiking are -
* Railway Ticket Booking
* Bus ticket booking
* Air Ticket Booking
Some other uses of computers are in the below listed sectors -
* Weather Prediction
* In Super Markets
* Remote Sensing Technology
* Transportation
* Defence Services
* Media
* Designing and Reproduction
* In Space programes
* In Research
* In Artificial Intelligence