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Computer Science Overview

1. Digital Electronics , DE
2. Computer Architecture , CA
3. Data Structures , DS
  • Array
  • Linked List
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Tree
  • Heap
  • Graph
  • Recursion
4. Algorithms
  • Searching
  • Sorting
  • Hashing
  • Algorithms Complexity
  • Algorithm Design techniques - Greedy , Dynamic , Divide and Conquer method 
  • Graph Search
  • Finding Shortest Paths
5. Theory Of Computation , TOC
6. Compiler Design 
  • Lexical Analysis
  • Parsing
  • Syntax-Directed Translation
  • Run Time Environment 
  • Intermediate Code Generation
7. Operating System
  • Process
  • Threads
  • IPC
  • Concurrency and Synchronization
  • Deadlock
  • CPU Scheduling
  • Memory Management
  • Virtual Memory
  • File Systems 
8. Databases
9. Computer Networks

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How can we connect a Printer to Computer

We can connect any printer to a computer by following just below written simple steps -

1.   Plug in the printer in power socket.
2.   Turn on the printer.
3.   Turn on the Computer .
4.   Connect the printer to the computer / laptop using USB cable.
5.    Printer drivers installation process starts on computer or install by the CD came with printer.
6.    Go to control panel --Devices and printer
                                            Click on " Add the device / printer "
                                             Select Printer
                                              Click on Add This
7 .       Done ! ! !

How to prevent computer or laptop from overheating

Overheating is a big problem for  computer or laptop but it can be solved easily .Some steps to prevent by overheating - 1. Keep the computer clean and remove the dust not only outside but also inside from fan , motherboard or entire cpu .2. Keep the computer surrounding cool . Low temperature of room also prevent computer by overheating .3. Place the computer at open place .
4. Do not overclock computer .

Let's start a blog

Okay let's start to create a blog . First thing is the right platform to start a blog . We listed some of very popular blogging platforms all over the world with the features and uniqueness , they provide .

We do not say to you to choose any specific platform from the list because all are trusted and used by millions and all give the best results  .

Just give a look to our blogging platforms list and enjoy blogging with any one as you like . Do not confuse and irritate because all have their own pros and cons . 
Some platforms to start a blog  -

1. Blogger -

Blogger is the oldest blogging platform in or list . It is owned by Google . Blogger is a self hosted service means google takes the responsibility to securely host the written data . 
Blogger was started for the passionates about something that they like to do . 
Blogger is completely free to start and setup a blog with ( like ) extension but it can be changed by purchasing own domain .