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Database Connectivity in PHP

Content - IntroductionCreate new Database and Tablecreate a feedback.html file to take values from UsersCreate feedback.php file to store theese values into database 1. Introduction When we create any form in our PHP Website and want to connect this form to store the information in server Databases , we need to know how php webpage can be connected to database and how can we store the information successfully .

As an example , To add Feedback or Message Form in PHP website -

1. Create Database and Table

2. Creating HTML form .

3. Write database Connectivity Code

Using this process you can connect all types of HTML Form to the SQL or MySQL Database by little change in Form Code and Database Connectivity Code .

2. Creating New Database and TableGo to your SQL or MySql Databse and Run theese queries : -
* Query Syntex to create a new database named "feedback" :-

* Query Syntex to create "feed" Table :- 

name varchar(30),

Various Web Hosting Types

Content - 1.Hosting Introduction 2.Hosting Providers 3.Hosting Types 4.Hosting Technologies 5.Hosting Datatypes 6.Final Words
If you want to start your website and an identity on internet , initialy you have to purchase domain and to host your website .
After a successful hosting your website looks on internet and can be searched from anywhere .Even free blogging services and
many free hosting providing services are also available .

Hosting Providers
There are two types to host a website either of own server or using an Internet Service Provider .we are discussing both of these here .

1.   1. Hosting on own Server -
Hosting your website on your own server is not an easy task . It feels very typical because you need Hardware expenses ,
Software and Labour expenses . When you start a 24 hours working server , it never works on a simple low cost pc , it needs
fast , and compatible to store a big traffic . If you managed a costly fast and reliable PC to host , licensing needs to be

basic HTML tutorial

HTML IntroductionHTML Tags
* It looks like base of web development
* It is a markup language
* HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
* It also include other type files like CSS and Javascript
* All the html files are web pages
Syntex for basic HTML code -
HTML is nothing without tags because all contents of html , we write between tags . In next section , we are going to
discuss HTML tags .

Syntex of Tags -

<tag name> Content </tag name>

* we write all content between tags , start and end tag
* tags define the type and attribute of content written between tags


Basic Tags
TagsHow this works<html>.....</html>html webpage start and end tag<head>.....</head>all meta tags and search engine related tags<body>.....</body>entire content that looks on browser screen<h1>.....</h1>

Web Project Ideas

These Web project ideas may help you in your college web projects . Now we listed some of the important and mostly used Web Project Ideas but we will keep updating this post time to time to provide new Web Project Ideas .