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What is Digital Marketing and how works

Digital marketing is same as the marketing of a product in real market but this marketing completely performs online using Internet . If a company or brand releases a service or product , Digital Marketing makes its  range to the more people . It is the time of digitalization , our prime minister is paying their  attention too . In this blog post , I am writing about the mean of digital marketing and the Techniques used for digital marketing .
What is Digital Marketing

The main resources of Digital Marketing are World Wide Web , Mobiles , Apps , and Social Media . Social media is the most powerful weapon now a days to marketing of any product or service .

Digital Marketing synonyms are Online Marketing  , Marketing through Internet .  I am listing some of the techniques of online marketing here :

1. Social Media Marketing : Big organisations , companies , even small startups also use Social media           
    marketing as the most powerful among others . There are many platform available in this category like 
    Facebook , Youtube , Google plus and other social media sites . It is the direct way to create an interface 
    between user and brand and make the brand service available to more users because there may be 
    millions of users on social media .

2. Email marketing : In Email marketing , brand sends mails to the users to communicate directly        
    through the E-mails but sometimes it becomes irritating fo users if brand is sending their mails again
    and again . In most cases users may ignore the mails as spams .

3.  Content Marketing : In this way the brands share their Content in file formats like pdf files and e-books  
     format .

4. Affiliate Marketing  : Affiliate Marketing is the most reliable and efficient way of marketing of any service
    or products . In this , companies or Brand add more and more people to expand the advertising range and     the connected members share this advertisement to more people . The main part of this marketing is that ,     company pays to all connected members for being a part of their affiliate program . Amazon , Flipkart ,         Snapdeal also provides Affiliate Programs on their terms and conditions and pay to conncted people for       sharing their brand or for adding new members to their group .

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