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How to shift Blog from Wordpress to Blogger

When we shift our wordpress blog to blogger , it becomes a typical process if we do not follow a right way . I tried in blog post to make this process easy .

Why should we transfer from wordpress to blogger :-
1. If we are not professional bloggers  we should go with free blogging , at blogger . 2. If traffic is not as we desired . 3. If blogging Income is low . 4. Hosting facilites are not requiring now .
Steps to transfer from wordpress to blogger :-
1.  Login to your Wordpressblog  .
2. Go to Tools >> Export in left side bar of Dashboard . It will download a .xml file to your computer . This         .xml file is also called backup of blog , wxr file , RSS feed file .
3. Convert wordpress backup xml file  :- Now go to http://www.wordpress-to-blogger-                                    . This is a converter to convert wordpress backup xml file into blogger                         supported xml file . We need this because blogger does not support …

What is Digital Marketing and how works

Digital marketing is same as the marketing of a product in real market but this marketing completely performs online using Internet . If a company or brand releases a service or product , Digital Marketing makes its  range to the more people . It is the time of digitalization , our prime minister is paying their  attention too . In this blog post , I am writing about the mean of digital marketing and the Techniques used for digital marketing .

The main resources of Digital Marketing are World Wide Web , Mobiles , Apps , and Social Media . Social media is the most powerful weapon now a days to marketing of any product or service .

Digital Marketing synonyms are Online Marketing  , Marketing through Internet .  I am listing some of the techniques of online marketing here :

1. Social Media Marketing : Big organisations , companies , even small startups also use Social media                marketing as the most powerful among others . There are many platform available in this category lik…