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What are Spam comments and how can prevent

Spam Comments There is a big problem for any blogger as Spam comments appear on their blog posts. What are the Spam Comments? What do they mean and why?

Spam Comments - Comments sent automatically by any robots on any blog are called Spam Comments. Spam comments are sent to advertise any group, website or personal blog. Or it can also say that all the comments are spam which has not come from organic traffic, meaning no human has done it.

Captcha code is used only on blogs and websites to avoid spam comments. Because in the Captcha code there is a text inside the image which is not detected by robots and the blog remains spam free and no one can advertise for its profit and the blog avoids unwanted comments.

To be safe from bloggers spam comments, plugins also use such as if you are blogging via wordpress, then you can use the AKISMET plugin. Once the Akismet plugin is installed and activated, it easily detects all the spam comments that come to the blog. Apart from this, spam comments are also shown in the comments section in the left section on the dashboard in wordpress, which is wordpress built-in feature.

Comments coming from a particular IP address on wordpress can also be blocked. If this spam detector should be blocked, then it should be blocked.

Highlighting points to be protected by spam comments -

  • Use Captcha Verification
  • Use a plugin like Akismet . Akismet is used by many bloggers .
  • Use built in filtering for all comments
  • Disable links in comments