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What is QR Code , How to Make

You must have seen the QR code. QR codes are also given on every product or on mobile softwares, computer softwares, so that the user can scan the QR code directly and check all the information kept in it, such as if the company gave the information about the Cloth brand in QR code.

So if it is scanned, all the info, which is encoded in it, is printed on the mobile or computer screen.

Many companies also use the QR code to open the web URL from which a particular website is opened as soon as the QR code is scanned.

The QR code was developed by the Denso Wave Company but did not make any patents for it so that any QR code can be made freely.

QR Code
QR Code

QR code Content - We know that there are many types of information stored in it but it does not know which form can be saved in the form so that it can be scanned by QR code scanner.
Display Text - This can save any kind of text info.

Go URL - When this code is scanned, the saved website is opened in it.

Call a Phone Number - In the code, the contact number can be saved, which reads the scanner easily and opens the pphone dialer.

Business Card

send / receive text messages.

If you also want to make your QR code, then there are many such websites available which gives free QR code generation.

QR Code Size - The QR code size is measured in small modules. The more modules in the code, the more information can be saved. If the size is shortened then that code will take less time to access and the error correction level will be less.

How QR codes work - This code keeps saving saved information in 2-D format. The QR code works exactly like the UPC Bar code, but in the QR code the information is placed horizontal and vertical in both dimensions, whereas only in horizontal dimension in the bar code. About 350 times more information can be saved from the bar code in the QR code.

It contains all the information saved in the modules of Black and White dots. There are 40 versions of the module which have different sizes. The more modules in the code, the more data can be saved.

How to make own QR code - If you want to create your QR code then there are many websites but the best one is telling you -

1. qr-code-generator - You can easily go to this website and generate code in 4 steps.

I hope you like this information and I will be giving you more information like this.


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