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How to Customize Wordpress Theme

If you have installed wordpress for your blog or website then now it is most necessary that the blog be customized so that your blog or website look good. If we are blogging for a long time and even after posting quality content, if the traffic is not available on the blog, then the biggest reason why the blog can not be properly customized. Therefore, customization is most important to make website friendly. Here you also get the facility to present your website in different look at Mobile, Computer, Tablet.

How to Customize Wordpress Theme

Steps to Customize Wordpress blog or website -

First of all, go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Appearance in the left side bar and click on Customize.

Now you have all the options of Customization available in the left side bar on the screen such as changing the theme, adding header image setting, color setting, adding CSS file, everything is available here. You can see this screenshot.

Let's see all the customization options in detail -

  1. Site Identity - Here, you can set your site's title and Site Icon which appears in the browser with the URL of the site. In this you set the title of your blog, set the description in short. And the size of the icon should be a length and width of 512 pixels in square size.

2. Header Text Color - In this option , you can easily set the text color and background color of header .

3.  Header Image -Here you can set an image in place of your blog's main header name, instead of writing Title of blog . You can see in the screen shot, it crops the uploaded image in the size of 290 * 80 pixels.

4. Background image - Click Select Image and select the background image you want to set and upload.

5. Menu Bar -This is the most important part of customization because without the menu list, the user has difficulty understanding the idea and content of the blog. By clicking on Add Item, you can add Menu Item to Menu Bar and can delete also if you do not need it.

6. Widgets - You can add and remove any new widget here as if you want to add like and share buttons, then add widget to sidebaar, footer, header according to your theme.

7. Static Front Page - Set front page on your site, show latest post in blog posts, or want to add a static page on which you can set link for blog. And then click on Save & Publish

8. Additional CSS - If you do not like the design style of the theme used in the blog and you know how to write code in the CSS, you can upload your own style sheet and give the desired design..

This way you can customize your blog or website easily .


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