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How to create Android App of Own Website , Without Coding

If you want to execute your website or blog and want to create an Android App for the website, then  you can create an Android app for blogs without any code and technical knowledge. Nowadays, the popularity of Android has increased so much that if the Android app is not created for the website, SEO tips also seem incomplete but to become an Android app, you will have to learn Android coding or hire a professional, which is Costly If so, you are planning to create an application for free in the website or blog, for that you have to go to

Steps to create Android App without coding knowledge - 

1. Go to the Click Create Now.

2. Now you have to click on the website because you have to convert your website into app.

3. Now, to complete App Settings, first you type the URL of your website and click on GO.

4. Now click on the Direct RSS link. This allows you to copy all the links available in your RSS Feed. The URL of the blog feed will be automatically filled, or you can Enable Push
      Clicking on Notification will allow users to receive updates on time when new posts are updated. If you wish, you can select Blog Type accordingly but Direct RSS link is the best.

5. Now fill out the description of your website.

6. Select App icon Default or custom icon can be used.

7. Now after the settings are completed click on CREATE

8. Now fill out your e-mail id which is of the Admin of website usage. Here is your website ownership check. By setting the password accordingly, this will also ban the account on

9. Open your mail id and verify it by clicking on the link sent and now
     You will come to's Dashboard From here you can download the app. also gives you an App Monetization facility through which you can earn income by placing ads on the app.