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How to Change Wordpress theme

If you are using previous theme for a long time , it may be good choice to change the blog theme and to represent blog in a new look but you should pay attention towards some points otherwise it will decrease your site ranking and user experience . Here i am listing some features , shold be present in our new theme . Theese are not to strictly follow , just pay attention once before changing and installing new theme .

Features of a good theme - 

  1. Fast loaded - when user visits to your blog the first thing to appear infront him , is the loading speed . It creates the first impression always of your blog . If theme loading takes much time , User can irritate and can leave visiting this blog ever .

  2. Simplycity - Simplycity is the most powerful way to make an interaction of your blog with the visitor . In the blog Header , Footer , Side bars should be well managed .

  3. SEO Optimized - The main factor of being a good theme in SEO Optimization . if new theme is not well seo optimized , serch engines will not take seriosly to your blog and your search engine rankings go low and traffic will decrease because of ignoring by search engines  .                                 some of the points make a theme more optimized like -                                                                                                                    Submitting blog to the Search Engines like Google and Yahoo , Bing                                                              Adding Sitemap of blog                                                                                                                                                            Adding robots.txt file

  4. Customization- Using a theme , we look for a customized theme , that provides customization easily .

Steps to change theme on wordpress installed blog -

  1. Login to your Wordpress dashboard .                                           

  2. Go to Appearance >> Themes  . If you already installed the theme , simply click on that , theme changes but if you not installed before the wanted theme , click on the Add New button .                                  
  3. Search the theme you want to install and click on the Install .  and then click on Activate .   
Now you have changed your wordpress theme . check it once by visiting your blog .


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