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Do you know the History of Internet , Everyone should know

History of Internet

The internet started initially to transfer data packets called Packet Switching. It was the 1960s decade that today and we can share your information with ease. The point is 1969 when a network called Advance Research Project Agency (ARPANET) was launched in the US Department of Defense. Professor Leonard Kleinrock of the US Department of Defense sent the first message to the Stanford Research Institute through ARPANET.

After this, in 1972, Ratomilison used email and slowly email messaging became more popular and developed. In 1981, the National Science Foundation (NSF) promoted ARPANET by developing the Computer Science Network (CSNET). ARPANET was initially used to send confidential information at the time of the war.

In 1984 more than 1000 computers were connected to the Internet. Slowly the research done on the internet increased. After this, in 1986, National Science Foundation made a huge network by connecting its five super computers. Later this network was called NSFNET.

By 1995, NSFNET continued to develop traffic and communication on the Internet, but in 1995, NSFNET was separated from the Internet. And now Internet became an independent huge network.

Now all the information about the internet is handled by various private and government agencies, telephone companies, satellite, cable companies, stores, traffic, activites.