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What is Domain Name Server and how it works

You use Internet but do you know about DNS ? It stands for Domain Name Server.

It is just like a phone directory in the Internet that checks the domain name in record and converts the domain names into IP Addresses because Internet works on the IP address basis . Domain Name Server storing millions of the websites domain name .

It is very tough to remember the IP Addresses for accessing the websites , So we use Domain Names and the domain names get associated with Particular ip address using Domain Name Server .

How Domain Name Server works -

When we enter any website URL in our browser , Domain name serves checks availability of this domain . Means if you search , initially  Domain Name Server checks for the IP address of this domain like a phone number in phone directory , if IP address is available in DNS then okay , Connection Establishment request transferred between Client and server otherwise DNS  checks this IP address.

when you register any new Domain the Name Servers get the the time of 12-24 hours to make it able to access the content .

if we take another hosting or shift website to other Hosting Services than it is must to get updated the Name Servers for the Domain Names otherwise the new Hosting provider will not be able to control over yor domain name . While updating the DNS server , your computer , Router , other Internet connected device uses the IP provided by Internet Service Provider , usually assigned IP to new host name or Internet Service Provider .

Changing the DNS , may be the good option for troubleshooting while problems in Internet Connection , might keep your surfing more private and could even access the sites blocked by ISP .

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