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Creating Facebook Ads in facebook Ads Manager

Advertise on Facebook -

Yes , you can select Facebook as an advertising platform with low budget and affordable cost . It is equally easy to use Facebook to advertise as much as we spend on chatting on Facebook and how much time you spend on chatting, so why not even know that Facebook is used like a business platform. Facebook allows advertisements to reach all its users or any of its products or any type of business to the audience. When you log in to Facebook, you can advertise many ads for business or page promoting. In today, I tell you how you can advertise your page, product, website, business in the same way.

Whether you are doing any business or you have launched your own product or provided any kind of services, then Facebook Ads Manager can help you in reaching the right people because the biggest platform in social sites is FaceBook. All you have to do is create an Ad campaign on Facebook .Steps to create Facebook Advertises -

1. First of all, go to Ads Manager. Ads Manager does not open on some mobile browsers, so open on the computer .

2. After clicking on the Ads Manager, your account will wait for a few seconds to connect to Facebook pages in order to prepare. Now after this Facebook Ads Manager will be open.

3. Select the campaign you want to advertise. In it you will have a list of Boost your post, Promote your page, product advertise, as many campaign options are available.

    And now fill the campaign name as you require .

4. Now you have to create your Ad Account. In this you have to give payment currency, time zone, country information.

5. Now you have to give the first page info for Ad Set that if you use multiple Facebook pages then which pages are to advertise.

6. Now you have to select the audience for your advertise, to show the ad in which country and to show the audience of which language, show the audience of the age of which age, show your ad in front of whom in the mail or female It has to be done, like to give the information.

7. After that you have to select Placement for your ad that the user will see your Ad screen . But it should let you remain Automatic Placement because it can affect the user's view, which can cause you loss .

8. Now you have to fill the budget for your ad. At this step, you need to pay the most attention to which you have to choose which budget plan. In this, Facebook has different plans like Per Day, how much you are investing or if you want to set a limit or even set a time period.
It is set in all the schemes of Facebook that how many clicks will it stop appearing.

9. Now you have to select the format of your Ad. Scrollable image, simple image, simple video, slideshow, and canvas type formats are available on Facebook . Now you have to select how to get an Ad Show .
Now give some time to fill description information .

10. Now after all this, your Ad Creation has been completed and the Payment window will be open. Now you can pay with the help of credit card, debit card, paypal, and if you are advertizing for the first time on Facebook Ads Manager, then fill out the Payment information otherwise you can save it for further use. Now Successfully Your Advertise has been placed on Facebook.