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Create first Android App from Android Studio

Android Studio can help you to build a new android app from scratch . Android Studio provides all the features required in android app according to latest trends . If you are enthusiast to learn making apps as a beginner , this post can help you .

Steps to create first Android App Using Android Studio -
1. Download  Android Studio .

2. Install Android Studio and follow some simple steps further .

Android app using Android Studio

3.  Double click to execute and start Android Studio .

4. Click on "Start A New Android Studio Project"

Android app using Android Studio

5. Now fill the Application name , Package name , Domain name and select the path to store the app content . You can keep the path same as android studio provided already and Click Next .

Android app using Android Studio

6. Click on Phone and Tablet

    Now select Minimum SDK, means the minimum Android version .

    I selected API 10: Android GingerBread 2.3.3 , you can choose also the latest versions .

    Click Next.

Android app using Android Studio

7. Now select Blank Activity and click Next.

Android app using Android Studio

8. Now customize the Activity of app . Fill details about activity Name, Layout Name, Title, Menu Resource Name . Let it same as it is , for the first activity .
    Click Finish .

Android app using Android Studio

9. Now Android Studio builds and loads some important gradle files for your app .

10. You might get Gradle Sync error (23,17). 

And if you do not get this error, that's fine, you can jump straight to step 13.

11. To remove this error  Error (23,17) , Click on "Show in File" and remove the line  "testCompile: junit: 4.12 " .

12. Click Tools -> Android -> Sync Project with Gradle files.

       Now Error you get error free gradle build finishing .

13. Click on the Green Triangle symbol (RUN) and select Device Chooser .

 14. Now connect the Android phone in debugging mode and select the "Running Device" to launch app on the mobile phone . Thus Android Studio install this app on the mobile phone in .apk format .
You can also choose other ways to launch app like using an Emulator .

15. The message shows that "App Successfully launched on your device" and you can directly get .apk file from Android Studio Project Path and can install later .

 If you want to create more apps using Android Studio , DRAG and DROP facility also available .


  1. Kisi website ka app kaise banate hai

    1. Me bana dunga but charge lgega... Mera what's app contact no ; 7209711690

    2. You should use webview to open website in app otherwise .

  2. sir ek android app bnakar usme adv. lga kar paise kamye jaa skte hai ya nhi

    1. Yes you can .
      1. First of all register to google play console at $25 cost or some other apps store like amazon app store etc .
      2. Register to AdMob . Its free . Here you can choose ad style to appearing in the app .
      3. Admob gives a ad code and app id .
      4. Embedd this app id in the app layout file .
      5. Publish this app to various app stores .
      6. Now you get paid by Admob for live impressions and ad clicks .

      Yes it is a long process and time consuming but legel and working .