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How to type in Hindi with English Keyboard , Google Input Tool

Today, I tell you typing Hndi with English keyboard. If we type any word in English and automatically converts to Hindi, all the problems solve automatically otherwise  there is a lot of quantity in Hindi keystrokes so that it takes a lot of time to type.
How to type in Hindi with English Keyboard , Google Input Tool

The most useful tool for automate conversion from English to Hindi is Google Input Tool. We just have to download Google Input Tools from the Internet and install it on our computer or laptop or our smart phone.
The size of the Windows app for Google Input Tools is also less than 5 MB.
While Installation, internet is required and later can be used offline .

First of all go to the Google Input Tools page and select Hindi and download it.

Now Internet is required to install.

After this, to type in Hindi in the browser or Notepad, press the Window + space button and again press the Window + space  button to type in English.

Now to type in Word Hindi, by typing the word and pressing the space button, the word will be changed into Hindi.

In this way, you can type Hindi in Notepad, Internet Browser, Word Pad or any other way and you can download and install the Android app by visiting Google Input Tools for Android smartphones .

It definitely makes life easier for hindi authors and typers .


  1. Yes,i also use this app .
    Works really fine.