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How to create Computer Softwares ? Complete Guide

In this blog post, you are talking about Software Making, you must know how fast the Software Industry is developing these days . There is no field these days , without any computer softwares work processing possible. I am writing this post only for this, that you can understand how knowledge of computer software along with knowledge of computer can be beneficial . How much softwares we are using in daily routine, but if you want, you can also create your own software and work on it for yourself. If you want to make a successful career in Computer Software Industry, then it is very important that you have Software related knowledge.

Download complete Account information from Facebook

You may not have the information, but you can download all the information, details, pages like you have created on your Facebook account. Everything you can download in a file, and Facebook provides the facility to download data to its customers and facebook users. To download the complete data of your Facebook account, you only have to follow some steps -

Steps to download data from Facebook -

You can download your account information in Settings.
Go to the top right of the Facebook page on the desktop and click Settings.

Now click on Download a Copy of your Facebook Data which is available in the bottom of General Settings.

Now click on Start My Archive.
This way you can download your account data.

It contains the information of your account, so you should save this file safely and be careful to send or share someone.

What informations you can download in it -

You can download almost all the information which is available in Account and Account Log.

Your full timeline and shared pos…

Command Prompt से Computer को Shutdown या Restart केसे करते है

अगर आप बार बार अपने कंप्यूटर को Alt+F4 टाइप करके shutdown या Restart करते है तो में आपको बताता हु की Command Prompt की हेल्प से भी आप किस तरह easily अपने कंप्यूटर को shutdown या restart कर सकते है . आपको सिर्फ अपने कंप्यूटर में कमांड प्रोम्प्ट open करके एक कमांड टाइप करके Enter करना पड़ता हे , और ये भी Alt+F4 को उपयोग में लेने जितना ही आसन है .

CMD से कंप्यूटर को Shutdown करने के लिए -

1. shift+Right click press करके कमांड प्रोम्प्ट open करे .

2. shutdown /s /t 0     टाइप करे

यहाँ s means shutdown
 t means time
 0 means 0 seconds , आप यहाँ अगर 10 लिखेंगे तो 10 sec बाद कंप्यूटर shutdown होगा .

3. Enter करे .

CMD से कंप्यूटर को Re Start  करने के लिए -

1. shift+Right click press करके कमांड प्रोम्प्ट open करे .

2. shutdown /r /t 0     टाइप करे

 यहाँ r means restart
 t means time
 0 means 0 seconds , आप यहाँ अगर 10 लिखेंगे तो 10 sec बाद कंप्यूटर  restart  होगा .

3. Enter करे .

इस तरह से आप कमांड प्रोम्प्ट से भी easily कंप्यूटर को shutdown या restart कर सकते है .

I Hope , मेरी दी गई जानकारी आपको पसंद आई है…

How to type in Hindi with English Keyboard , Google Input Tool

Today, I tell you typing Hndi with English keyboard. If we type any word in English and automatically converts to Hindi, all the problems solve automatically otherwise  there is a lot of quantity in Hindi keystrokes so that it takes a lot of time to type.

The most useful tool for automate conversion from English to Hindi is Google Input Tool. We just have to download Google Input Tools from the Internet and install it on our computer or laptop or our smart phone.
The size of the Windows app for Google Input Tools is also less than 5 MB.
While Installation, internet is required and later can be used offline .

First of all go to the Google Input Tools page and select Hindi and download it.

Now Internet is required to install.

After this, to type in Hindi in the browser or Notepad, press the Window + space button and again press the Window + space  button to type in English.

Now to type in Word Hindi, by typing the word and pressing the space button, the word will be changed into Hindi.

Create first Android App from Android Studio

Android Studio can help you to build a new android app from scratch . Android Studio provides all the features required in android app according to latest trends . If you are enthusiast to learn making apps as a beginner , this post can help you .

Steps to create first Android App Using Android Studio -
1. Download  Android Studio .

2. Install Android Studio and follow some simple steps further .

3.  Double click to execute and start Android Studio .

4. Click on "Start A New Android Studio Project"

5. Now fill the Application name , Package name , Domain name and select the path to store the app content . You can keep the path same as android studio provided already and Click Next .

6. Click on Phone and Tablet

    Now select Minimum SDK, means the minimum Android version .

    I selected API 10: Android GingerBread 2.3.3 , you can choose also the latest versions .

    Click Next.

7. Now select Blank Activity and click Next.

8. Now customize the Activity of app . Fill detai…

Java me JDK installation and Environment Setup karna

Java language me programming karne ke liye sabse pahle program ke liye platform available karna hota hai aur iske liye computer ya laptop me java SE JDK Kit aur JRE install karke path setting karni hoti hai otherwise hamara koi bhi program run nahi hoga .

kyoki koi bhi java program ko compile ya run karne se pahle kuch required tools collect karne hai -
1. java JDK ,JRE
2. Notepad

java JDK ko Oracle ki official website se download kar sakte hai  JDK Download . basically hame latest version jdk 8 use karna chahiye but ho sakta hai ki koi implementation hardware ko support na kare isiliye jdk 7 is best .

JDK 7 step by step Environment Setup karna -

1.  Downloaded JDK file par double click karke installation start kare . Installation start karne ke baad JDK     , JRE install automatically hoga only next button click karke steps ko follow kijiye .

2. Java JDK successfully install hone ke baad JDK ka path setup karna sabse jaruri hai otherwise java program ko compilation aur execution ke t…