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Python basics

Python is most popular among all programming languages recently . It is because of the huge functionalities and library inside this language .
Python was invented by Guido van Russel during his vacations as a new project to create an interpreter . The syntex and procedure he used while creating this interpreter is called python later . Python 3 is the suitable version to all . We all just need to download and install the python package to execute the python scripts on computer .
Python is platform independent can be run on all operating systems , just need to install python package .
Python has an interpreter to execute the scripts and command line for the user interface but command line only executes on command at a time and not a entire script .we can install other IDE like Jupyter to execute the entire python script .
Python syntax is very easy and short because of huse library support that makes it most popular .
Pyhon scripts have the .py extention while saving .
How to Run Pyt…
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What is Data Structure and Types of data structure

Data Structure is an organized way to store the data through various Linear and Non-Linear ways . Data structures Algorithms are the initial stage to start for programmers of any kind like desktop softwares , mobile applications or web applications . Data Structures contains various algorithms to complete different kind tasks in the programming practicals .

Some of the very popular and useful concepts for the structuring of data in the programmes are –
1.Arrays – Arrays are the collection of the same type of data types . If an element stored in array is Integer type , definitely all other of Integer Data types . All the elements stored in an array are numbered from index 0 to n-1 . This array block covers a block in the memory keeping together its elements at one place . It is a Linear data type structure .
2.Linked Lists – Linked Lists store the data elements in the same way as an array does but linked list can store the elements at different-different positions in the memory and , l…

how to speed up website

The first step to improve SEO Tips for website is to improve the loading speed of website pages . You can check your Website Speed at Google Page insights . It shows all the mistakes in your webpages , affecting the slow webpages loading speed .
Google page insights outputs a report for Mobile and Desktop loading and suggests the optimization tips to overcome the slow speed issue .

1. Web Hosting Plan -
If your website is a blog at starting level with no large number of posts uploaded then free platforms are okay but if you have a blog with large number of posts , more imges , videos , more data and high traffic rate , updating web hosting plan may be a good suggest to speed up website .

Web servers locations can increase the loading time for your website . If your recent web host server is in the USA and you are resident of India , then you should prefer india based  web hosting company and same thing for usa and other country residents .

These web hosting companies offers differnt web ho…

What is Waterfall Model in Software Development Life Cycle

Now a days Waterfall Model is outdated but it is the oldest model for defining the software development life cycle . Waterfall model shows the various steps of software development process . 
Waterfall model dominated several number of years to the software development life cycle . Software passes through many of the development process and waterfall model shows those steps in very easy linear consecutive steps of development process . 
Waterfall model only starts, when the developers get the complete requirements of the software on which they are working .
Waterfall model is the oldest , classic model and the base of other modern models that are working even today in the software industry .
As we know , software development is not only a process of only coding the softwares , developers cross the various steps like knowing the requirements , makink specifications , designing , coding etc . 
So let we give here a look the various linear consecutive steps of Waterfall Model -

1. Getting…

Funda Of Satellites Working and Uses

We use Televisions , Internet , Radio Services , FM but It is knowledgeable that all these can not work without satellites . Satellites make possible any communication or signals transferring from one place to another wirelessely .

What is a Satellite - 
All the objects in the space situated in an orbit moving around one another are satellites but we can categorize satellites in two major categories -

1. Natural Satellite - 
We say Moon is a natural satellite that is moving continously around the earth and many other natural satellites available in the space orbits .

2. Artificial Satellites -
These satellites are human made . There are many big organizations like NASA , ISRO that work to create space satellites to complete particular tasks . NASA , ISRO have launched many of the space satellites that are working to make communicaton easier among countries , states and countries .

Artificial Satellites recieve signals from the one place of earth and transmits to the other place in the f…

History of Android Versions

We all use the Android Smart Phones and see the new upcoming versions of Android OS . Android OS is owned by GOOGLE . Android has very interesting story of updated versions . Google released all Android Versions in a sequence of first letter Alphabatically , A to Z order .  Google gave the Android versions very user friendy names like Cupcake , Donut , Eclair , Froyo , Gingerbread , Honeycomb , Icecream Sandwich , Jellybean , Kitkat etc . 

Milestones of Android OS - 
1. Andy Rubin is the founder of Android OS . Andy Rubin is a Robots Lover . He was the head of Android Inc. situated at Palo Alto , California , US .
2. The word " Android " was suggested by the Android Inc employees on the basis of nick name of Andy Rubin .
3. Android development started by Android Inc .in 2003 . It treated as Alpha level phase of Android .
4. Google purchased Android Inc in 2005 and started development in 2007 .
5. Android first Beta version released on 5 November 2007 So it considered as Andr…

What about 3D Printng , Working and Uses

We see 2D printers many times that prints anything we want , on a A4 size paper basically . We all have used 2D printings but it is amazing to thing , we can also print 3D models these days .

If we want to copy a material of 2 meter length and 3 meter width , It is possible and we just need a computer design of that model and a 3D printer .

How 3D Printing works -

To make a copy of anything , any design , we need to create a 3D design using the computer softwares . Many of the new softwares are available in the industry but we can also go with the well known softwares for CAD designs ( Computer Aided Designs ) .

Now we need a 3D printer . When we feed up the computer designs to the 3D printer , It slices that 3d design into thousands of thin layers and starts printing that design layer be layer to convert that 3d design into reality .

Uses of 3D printers -

We can not bound the possibilities of 3d printing uses but 3d printing playing vital role in the major industries and many of the n…