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Seven bridges of konigsberg problem

Konigsberg was a popular place in russia because of its seven bridges problem .
Now the city name of Konigsberg changed in russia . It was the time of 1936 , when this problem was very popular .7 bridges problem of konigsberg :There were two islands and was surrouned by rivers so people made seven bridges to connect the islands and the river banks .But it was a big puzzle to reach at the same point , from he starts , via traversing all the bridges once .Who gave the solution :Euler was a very popular mathematician and he gave the proper answer to this problem with mathematical proof using the graph strucures .Solution to 7 bridges problem :We can understand this by the below steps - 1. Euler created a new graph with the same behaviour of the 7 bridges of konigsberg .2. According to Euler the definition of degree  - Degree is the number of crossing bridges ( edges ) on the crossing point ( vertex ) .3. If the Degree of each and every vertex in the euler graph is EVEN then this kind of …
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Structures in C Language

C Language Beginner levelStructure is a collection of different data type values . Structure behaviour is same as an Array but Array is a collection of same data type values . The syntex of structures can written as - struct structure_name{
int a, b , c ;
char p , q ;
float r , s ;
} s   ; Note : -
1. struct is the keyword and struct_name shows the name of structure .To define the variable name and their data type , we use curly braces {} .2. Inside curly braces , we write all the varaibles , along with their data types .3. Structure is able to hold different data type values .4. After closing the curly braces , we can declare a object of this structure , named s . 5. We can declare more than one objects here by separating them with comma like s1 , s2 .
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Operations on the String in C Language

C Language Beginner levelAs we know , strings are the collection of characters , numbers , symbols and to store the strings using c program , we need to use Array ( collection of same data type values ) .There may be various kind of operations possible over the strings - 1. Concatenation -
When we need to concatenate or simply add string with other , we use strcat()and strncat() function .2. Length of String -
To calculate the length of any string s1 we use strlen() in beloe format - strlen( s1 ) ; Note -
>> This function returns the number of 
    characters available in the string .>> To use this function , we need to include string.h header file in the program .3. Copy Operation - There are 3 type of library functions in c language to perform copy operation .
strcpy() , strncpy , strdup() .To use these functions , we need to include string.h header file in the program .Note :
To copy string s1 to string s2 using strcpy() , we write -strcpy( s2 , s1 ) ;strncpy() funct…

Keywords in the C language

                                                       C Language Beginner level

Keywords are to be said Reserved words in any of the programming languages . These words can not be used at the time of writing the codes . We can not declare the variable names , function names etc user driven names by the specific keywords reserved already for that language .

There are total 32 already defined keywords in C Language . These can not be used by users while writing the C Language code .

Keywords in C Language auto double switch else break enum case extern typedef floatunion char for register unsigned return const goto short void continue if signed volatile default sizeof while int staticdolong struct
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Conditional statements in C Language

                                                       C Language Beginner level

Conditional Statements in C :

The concept of Conditional statement also can be reffered as Dacision Making . We can understand the Decision Making concept and working using the below situation  -

If The value of a variable x is greater than 5 , Program should print " Hello " and if the value of x is lower than 5 , program should print "World " . We use conditional statement as -

if(x >5)
printf(" Hello ") ;
printf(" World ") ;

There are various kind of Conditional statements , we can use in C -

If StatementIf-Else Statement Nested If Statement Switch If Statement :  Simply If a condition inside if statement is True , The If block executes otherwise ignore the If Block and compiler moves to the next lines of code . 
if( x < 10 ) { printf(" Hello World ") ; }

Note : 

If compiler gets the value of x greater than 10 in the programe code , It executes the I…

Strings Implementation in C Language

C Language Beginner level
Strings :

As we know , Any string is the collection of various characters or the collection of Characters , Numbers or Symbols . For example we can say " Author@89 " is a string and is the collection of the various characters , numbers , symbols  as A , u , t ,h ,o ,r ,@ ,8 ,9 .

So Come to the Strings use in the C Language -

To Store a String in variables in C language is not possible So we use the Array Concept to store the various characters . While performing any Action on a string like Copy to other string , Concatenation ( To add two strings ) , Splitting ( To break the string into parts ) etc , we need the Array to store a particular string in the C Language . When we are using Array to store a string , This string must be of similar or character data type , means each string can contain only characters .If an Array Box[20] stores the string " Author " , It is Right but The string " Author89 " is not valid . How to Initialize…

Loops in the C Language

C Language Beginner level
Loops in the C Language : 

The concept of Loops in the programming languages makes them awesome . A loop can iterate a statement as the number of times we want . Let's suppose I say someone to write a statement thousand times , he/she writes statements one by one thousand time , So it goes very lengthy and heavy process for a human being . But rather than human being A Computer program makes this heavy process very light because we only need to write a loop and the particular statement once and the compiler ( Compiler is a software that compiles C Code line by line to perform actions and showing the output . ) will write that statement thousand times .

There are various kind of loops , we use in C Language are as -

For LoopWhile LoopDo While Loop Nested Loop 
For Loop :
We mostly use for loop in the programming and can understand the syntax with below C code -

#include <stdio.h>
void main()
int i ;
for(i=0 ; i<101 ; i++)
printf(" Hello World \n &q…