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Sunday, 20 May 2018

How to become Domain Reseller

We purchase domain names , hosting services to make a website visible to others online but we can also become the domain and hosting reseller . There are many good trusted websites in the market , that gives the entire features to become a domain reseller and freedom to sell under own brand .

How to become Domain Reseller

How to become a domain reseller -

1. Choose a perfect domain reseller -  Here we are listing somr of the popular and trusted domain resellers and can choose your one among these easily.
You must check the setup costs , domains prizes available to you , account activation fee , cPanel service and customer service to your clients , before you register to any reseller account .

Some of the cheapest domain resellers are -

2. Register as a Reseller - 
Now after full satisfaction and clear business strategy ,Register your Reseller accounts . At first , you need to fill some details to all and have to pay the activation free .
Some Resellers provide free setup cost and some take setup costs , like resellrs club dpes not take setup fee but godaddy takes cheap setup fee .

3. Activate Reseller Account - 
After activation of reseller account , you need to some low cost domain names to sell to your clients . You get different discounts here to purchase domain names . Be wise to purchase good domains like .com , .info , .in , .online etc because you have to sell at reasonable prize to your clients .

4. Setup your new domain selling website -
These Domain Resellers provide cPanel features , SSL etc services to your clients throughthroughAPI but you can also manage your website and brands because ultimately , you have to make your clients .

5. Promote your brand -
Now you must take actions towards the promotion of your brand . You can advertise through search engines and social media patforms to engage with customers .

Benefits of choosing these Domain Resellers -
1. Customer Support

2. Free to update your website

3. You can promote as your own brand

4. Cheap domain extensions available . Some domains are very cheap like .online domain at 20-50 INR cost to purchase .

5. Provides customized Storefront and cPanel to your clients .

6. They serve the other features like hosting at cheap prizes , code guard , SSL at affordable prizes .

7. Business and Marketing Tools available .

This business may be tough at starting but can give good results with some time and money investment .

Thursday, 17 May 2018

World's smallest size MiniPC with windows10 and android os

Many of the people like to use LAptops , Tablats and Mobile phones to work anywhere . People hesitate to keep Laptop devices together at travel time or can not gain workplace freedom because of laptops large size and Tablet devices are not able to execute the softwares , that are compatible with windows laptops .

smallest size MiniPC with windows10 and android os

To overcome this problem , Hong Kong gadgets manufacturer company Mipcworld prepared the mini sized device MiniPC .

MiniPC is designed to work wth Windows 10 and Android operating systems .

Features -

1. Compatible Operating systems -
MiniPC is prepared to work with the two most popular operating systems , Windows 10 and Android 5.1 . User see both the operating systems option while started and can select one to work with .

2.  Powerful Processor -
MiniPC contains Atom X7-Z8750 processor and compatible to work at the 2.56GHz clock speed .

3. Storage - 
MiniPC contains 8GB inbuilt RAM and 128 GB storage capacity and obiviously microSD card supportable .

4. Touch Screen Display -
MiniPC is designed with 5 inch touch screen display with 1280*720 pixel resolution support .

5. Wireless Connectvity - 
MiniPC is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and Dual Band Wi-Fi features .

6. Connectivity Support - 
MiniPC contans USB 2.0 , 3.0 and latest USB-C ports to connect to the other devices and Ethernet and HDMI port features also available .

7. Battery Backup -
It contains 6000mAh battery and may provide battery backup of almost 6 hours .

8. Fold able Keyboard -
Project head of this project said to provide a keaboard with this 5 inch display device MiniPC .

Expected Prize - It is expected to come with affordable cost of  150 to 300$ and expected to come in the market from September month of 2018 .

Simplify Work with GSuite

Google converted the name of Google Apps to GSuite n 2016 . GSuite is completely cloud based office management software collection . We all used differently all the GSuite softwares but google now packed them together and providing business email with GSuite to make more easy to work for all , even individual or business or startup etc .


GSuite Products  - 

Google basically categorized entire GSuite collection in four categories ->

1. Apps To make Connection and Communications

2. Apps To create the required files for office work . These may be Document files , Presentation files , Google Forms etc .

3. GSuite Apps to access the stored files to google cloud server  .

4. Apps to control the entire work and preventing security .

GSuite Products
For Connecting For Creating For Accessing For Controlling



Google +

Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Meet








Cloud Search




GSuite Pricing - 
Gsuite collection is available in three categories with different - different prize and provided features through the Gsuite Apps .

Google provides three models to purchase GSuit -
  1.  Basic - 5$/User/Month 
  2.  Business - 10$/User/Month
  3.  Enterprise - 25$/User/Month
here 1 user indicates 1 business Email Id provided , like .

GSuite Prize

You can get 20% off on Gsuit Prizeswith this Link and apply this Promo Code 4CMUJLCN6FNMGNG or LCDRNFUG76DDLWW
GSuite Features - 

GSuite is more flexible to work because of being a part of Google cloud services . No matter , how many employees are working together , All of them can work together from anywhere .

GSuite Apps package is smart enough to make decisions face to face because of Video Conference , to collaborate n real time because of Docs , Spreadsheet , Slides to work together even editing on same file .

GSuite gives the full flexibility with data storage on the online google servers , synchronizing with Google drve that makes the data available to every team member and can download for offline editing etc more features .

GSuite gives the Single Sign on to all apps and two step verification for security purposes . GSuite is more secure , because of its Mobile management to keep data safe of an employee in case of mobile lost , Archive of emails chat . 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and how it works

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a trending news these days on the internet . Many persons want to know about this currency . We find many times somewhere ads about the bitcoin third parties on the internet but many are not sure about this . I searched for 2 hour on internet and sharing some knowledgeable information through this post .

What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin - 

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is not physically available but available in the software form . Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto . The amazing fact is that , no one knows this man till today .

Bitcoin is a decentralized blockchain currency system that is not as traditional banks headed by central branch of country .

We can say bitcoin system like a publicly handeled ledger book that is transparent to let know anyone about all transactions  .

How Bitcoin Works -

People initially download the bitcoin Wallet and register and invest some money to buy the bitcoins . These purchased btcoins can be used to purchase products or to pay someone .

Bitcoin is a peer to peer computer or device based currency . If a person wants to transfer some bitcoins , then only second person can decode the encrypted key and get the gained bitcoin details .

Bitcoin cryptocurrency system works on the blockchain basis . Blockchain system contains the public list available of all the transactions made to other bitcoin users . This make the system transparent to use .

Bitcoin generates a private key while transaction and this key can only be decoded by the receiver person and no other person can interrupt inbetween .

Bitcoin system transactions completion are felt slow . It basically takes about 10 minutes to show the transactions details and can take also more than it .

Benefits of using Bitcoins - 

1. There is no inbetween transaction fees . No Agents or banks work and between sender and receiver of bitcoins .
2. Many big companies are using bitcoins to accept payments Ebay , Zappoa , Wordpress , Dell , Shopify , etc .

Some points to keep in mind while using bitcoins - 

1. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible . If once we pay bitcoins to someone , we can not reverse this transaction .

2. If you invest in bitcoins , do double check not being a bitcoin scam . Read the reviews , ask in forums and invest after satisfaction Because Bitcoin cryptocurrency has the dfferent rules for the different countries .

Sunday, 13 May 2018

How E-Waste Recycling Works

We see the electronic devices anywhere these days . we live in a world filled with the electronic gadgets . We use a lot of devices at our homes , offices , public place and even in the pockets . Without these electronic devices , our life will be exactly same of the 18th century , where the life may not easy for a person surronded with electronic equipments .

How E-Waste Recycling Works

Many electronic devices , we look and work with but what we do after a time period , when they become obsolete and non-worthy ?

Mobile phones , computers , laptops , tablets , telivisions , radios , speakers , air conditioners , and many more , towards we do not pay attention while using them .

What is E-Waste - 
E-Waste stands for Electronic Waste . All the electronic gadgets become e-waste after a time period of purchasing . Smart phones , computers , Televisons , tablets like devices contain the most part of the E-Waste industry . when these devices are not of use , they become raw materials for the recycling process .

What is Recycling -
Recycling is just a process to convert a obsolete products again in the well working and useful products . Recycling of e-waste is a large process to be followed by manufacturers .

What can we do with E-Waste -
1. At indivdual level , we can return our obsolete devices to their manufacturers again at the service centers or can replace with a new product , paying extra charge for new one .

2. If our devices are not complete obsolete and working in a fine situation and going to purchase a new one , we can sell at the low prize to needy persons or can also donate to the needy organizations .

3. We can sell these products to kabadiwala or any raw materials collector at the street levels and they will sell the obsolete products to the recycling companies or the needy persons .

What the recycling companies do with E-Waste -
Some of the steps are mandatory for the process of recycling of e-waste , that these companies use to refurbish , reconfigure and recycle to reduce the prize of products , and saves also the environment .

1. Collection of Raw Materials -
The first step of recycling and refurbishment is to collect the raw materials for the further process . These recycling based companies purchase the electronic gadgets from individuals or from the shops having the used and old devices .

2. Separation of Components - 
Some of the very commonly found components , we see almost in all the devices like -

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Mercury
  • Glass
  • Sensors
  • Hard Drives 
  • Semiconductor Chips 
  • Copper Wires 
  • Batteries
  • Toxic Materials

These all components are highly required components in the manufacturing of electronic devices . Most of them are very harmful to nature and people .

Plastics is the mostly affecting component to nature . Mercury , Copper wires , obsolete batteries play a hazardous role for the nature .

3. Sending the separated components to various manufacturer companies -
This is the very common and root step for recycling . All the separated materials are sent to the different manufactures and then they follow next step of refurbication and recycling .

4. Burning the obsolete old products at high temparature , melt them and then provide a new shape or new design . They can use those materials according to the nature of materials like metals can be used to shape the newly wire cables , important chips , device covers etc .

Plastic products can be reshaped as the body covers , device attachments , plastic toys , plastic home products etc .

The Metals are smelted to recover , Nickel , Cademium , Steel , Cobalt , Lithium and other raw materials for the new products .

5. Selling again those Refurbished or Recycled products in the market at low prizes -
 This is the final step , when we get the refurbished or recycled products again in the market at low prizes and more device capabilities .

Benefits of Recycling -

  1. Needy persons or organizations can get the products at low prizes because purchasing the new products may be costly .
  2. Refurbishng or Recycling is able to give a new shape and working critaria to the products .
  3. It reduces the burden on nature to collect the metals from Metal Mines .
  4. It reduces the manufacturing of Plastics raw materials .
  5. It Saves the Nature and very Eco friendly .

Thursday, 10 May 2018

How Internet works globally and Why Internet is Free

This time in india people can live sometime without fundamental services but tough to live without internet . Here , there , everywhere we see the importance of internet . At home , At office , At bus stand , railway station , anywhere people need internet .

Internet is a set of protocols , made globally . Internet is free to use for everyone , everywhere But we purchase the data plans to use internet . I hope , you will understand this reason after reading this post completely . We can say , Internet is ubiquitous to access .

We all know about , how broad the internet is , but it is more deeper network that we look around us .

How internet works -

What really happens when a Computer user visits the .

How Internet works

We can easily understand the process of overall internet working using some straight steps - 

1. Office or Home Device -

We use computer devices , mobile phones , tablet devices any time to communicate through internet . These may be at homes , at office or anywhere at public places .

Suppose , An office uses a group of computers and a paticular computer is browsing the website and other computer is browsing any other website .

How Internet works

Now the question arises , what is the process that connected my office computer to the google server that is in different country , America .

The first thing to know all about this process is IP Address .

2. IP -

Every server , every computer , every device that is accessing the internet has an IP address . IP stands for internet protocol . Ip address is same as the address to our homes for postal services . IP is of two types IPv4 and IPv6 .

Basically we use IPv4 connection . IP address is like but it does not sense for human being so we need an domain name like .

Okay it was about IP and the next term is ISP where our data travels .

3. ISP -

ISP stands for Internet service providers .We purchase our mobile data plans or broadband connections from the ISP's and they take the specific charges for servicing the data delivery from our computer to destination computer . There are many ISP are working in the market and we can distinguish them as Tier 1, Tier 2 , Tier 3 ISP companies .

How Internet works

Tier 1 ISP companies work globally to work on the physical level like for connecting the various countries through Optical Fibre Cables . We may amaze to know that internet is a net of optical fiber cables . In the ocean , A large number of cablesis the reason for transferring our data to various country destination computer or server .

Verizon , AT&T etc are the Tier 1 companies .

Tier 2 ISP companies basically work inside the countries at the physical level to work on spreading the optical fibre cables . Tier 2 companies are responsible to transmit data at root level from the PC . Tier 2 companies provide services of data transmission and take the fee from internet users for the maintainence of fibre cables .

Airtel , Vodafone , BSNL ,MTNL , Reliance , MTS are the Tier 2 companies .

ISP's do the one time investment in spreading the Optical Fibre Cables and handle the maintenance later time to time , because these cables have the lifetime almost 25 years . This was the only reason that Reliance Jio offered free Internet to everyone with high speed because they invested before in the Optical Fibre Cables network .

We also say Submarine cables to these Optical fibre cables in the ocean . If you want to see the real map of submarine cables across the world , Visit the website .

Okay come to the next point of where our data goes on .

4. DNS -

DNS stands for Domain Name System . ISP takes help from DNS to identify the IP address for searched destination domain name like . DNS's  contains the entry for each domain name IP address and after identifying the destination IP address data travels across the optical fibre cables to reach the destination computer .

Let's see how data travels across the cables and Why 2G , 3G , 4G networks devices get the different internet speeds .

5. ISP offers different data plans -

ISP's like Airtel , Bsnl , Vodafone etc have the different data plans for the customers . For 2G customers Airtel offers 1GB/Month internet at 97 INR and for 3G customers Airtel offres 1GB/Day internet at 400 INR . We can compare the internet speed for data plans users .

ISP companies prefer first the shortest path of data travelling across the optical fibre cables for 4G users data delivery from source to destination computer .

ISP companies give second priority for 3G , and then 2G customers  to choose the data delivery path from source to destination computer through physical cables .

Now take the next level step of data travelling over internet .

6. Reach to destination Country ISP -

Requsting data or sent data from my computer arrives at the destination computer ISP service .
And save the sender IP and associated domain name in the DNS servers .

7. Destination Server Computer -

Now destination country ISP delivers the data packets to the reciever destination server where is hosted .

8. Response -

Now finally the responds for the searched information .

Conclusion - 

These above described steps are the must points for between the communication from any internet connected two devices overall .

If you are searching the from your computer or mobile phone , all the above steps play the vital role while using the Internet .

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

How Artificial Intelligence impacting the society

Technology is evolving day by day . Artificial intelligence is one of the trending technology these days in computer science . We see , all the working fields are adapting AI devices rapidly even in the large work fields or in the low scale businesses .

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence devices are useful for all and increasing work efficiency . Military , Medical , Engineering , Teachers , Small industres , large ndustries , IT Sector , all are promoting this technology using AI products .

Now the question arises in mind that what is Artifcial intelligence ?

Artificial technology is just a modern key to unlock the traditional computing . Artificial technology just works more and more to make a computer to work better than before and as a human can do .

To understand this technology , we must give a look on the examples of Artificial intelligence tools in the various fields of society -

1. Self Driven Vehicles - 
We are listening the amazing technology of self driven cars , taxi etc . There is no need of drivers . Google tested the self driven vehicle in the rush and public area and found amazing results . Google's Artificial Intelligence team told the self driven vehicles completely safe .

2. Google Voice Search -

Yes , of course , voice search is also a result of better artificial intelligence . This software understands the human voice sensations and type almost without errors and proves itself best results oriented .

3. Siri , Cortana - 
Siri is the very intelligent directions provider program for Apple devices .

Cortana is a virtual personal assistant software comes inbuilt in windows 10 and helps in to-do lists and many more .

4. Robots - 
We all are well known about robots and how robots are replacing some human postings . Robots are the mechanical devices with inbuilt programming codes itself .

Robots are entering all fields like intelligent weight lifting cranes in business industry , Doctor assistant in medical , online Tutor in teaching , intelligent device resources for Army etc .

5. Drones - 
Drones are also mechanical devices like self driven flying vehicles . Many E-Commerce companies are planning to use drones for giving home delivery of products without any losses . Drones use specific Target location to reach at the destinations and use the map technology .

Armed forces also use the drones to target specific locations .

6. Prize and Weather Predictor -
There are many of the websites and softwares available that tell the upcoming prize fluctuations of products and market values .

We can understand this artificial intelligent tool by share market fluctuations predictors .

Weather predictions using the satelites and sensers and many physical devices together make an overall artificial intelligent example .

7. Fraud Detector - 
Security services use the artificial intelligent software to reduce the crime and identify the criminals .

Facr scanners , face identifying softwares and face predictor for a deformed dead face are the relative examples of artificial intelligence .

8. Security Serveillance - 
These days , there are many websites available that directly permit anyone to access the public traffic cameras situated anywhere .

Even in the homes , shops , institutes anywhere , securitu cameras can be found easily .  These camera show the recordings and live recordings on the connected computer monitor . Thus artificial intelligence make these devices more useful .

9. Smart Home devices - 
All Internet of Things ( IOT ) devices can be taken under artificial intelligence . We see many of the smart home devices like electric power savers , smart LED's etc .

10. News Generator like Google News , UC News - 
Of course , these are the indicators to good intelligence . These softwares are basically based on the specific Algorithms .

These news websites do not generate all news itself rather than the algorithms collect news from different news publishing websites and colletcts using the Feed Algorithms .

Impacts of Artifcial Intelligence -

Artificial intelligence became the part of daily life for all . AI technology impacts directly on the human life because these days , we are living in a world of devices and time to time , devices are becoming more powerful and intelligent .

AI making the human life easy to handle even the tough tasks .

AI is working and growing rapidly but some experts says that AI may be a reason for unemployability in future becaue AI devices will replace the human employees .

Many industry experts take the AI technology as the opportunities to the new job sectors for the production and handling of AI devices .

Finally , i want to add that we all became habitual of the AI technological devices and it has a great and long term future definitely .

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Why organizations prefer Cloud Services

Now a days Cloud computng is the fastest growing technology among all . cloud computing evolution is the way of businesses operate these days . Like before , an organization starts with a large space for expensive computers and a own server and employees to maintain these But now scenario changed and they prefer to use cloud servers to reduce the expenses overall .

cloud computing

Benefits of using Cloud Services -

1. No need to purchase and setup of expensive resources - 
Cloud service providers have their own servers . They use most expensive systems that are not affordable alone for a particular organzation . Organizations use the systems of cloud service providers and pay as they go .

Basically cloud service providers has the large systems and storage space and provide those on rent facilities at cheap prizes . 

2. Easy Backups and Recovery -
Organizations can have very large number of work files and not easy to store on own system servers . Cloud providers provide the backup services and store data at more than one system or server . If someone suddenely deletes the data , efficient recovery available for cloud users .

3. Easy to increase Storage Capacity - 
Cloud service providers contain the servers of containing large number of computers with large capacity hard drives and provide limited space as the organization pays . It is easy to increase storage space for users if they want , just have to pay more fare for space .

4. Data available Anytime and Anywhere -
Everyone is free to access all the stored files anytime and anywhere without the device restrictions . For not having the device and platforms restrictions provide an independent and stress free environment in organizations .

                                    Cloud computing

5. Scalability -
Cloud service providers use the servers at different places and different countries using a Distributed Network model . It they need more space , they easily scale up the server . Cloud users just entertain the features and service providers handle all the headaches .

6. Faster Deployment - 
Organizations store their lage software platforms on cloud servers rapidly . They get better servicing speed because of the expensive systems and large storage capacity at server side available . All organizations can work with cloud computing because cloud services are for all services users like - 
  • SaaS - Software as a A Service
  • PaaS - Platform as a A Service
  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a A Service

7. Security issues - 
Informatons stored on our computer device , Mobile devices can be stolen easily But Cloud service providers use encryptions and other expensive technologies also to secure data . We just need to enter , username and password to gain access to our data . we just need to handle our username and password . That is also a big reason for organizations to prefer Cloud Service .

Friday, 4 May 2018

How to store data online with cloud services

Cloud storage - 

Cloud storage is a feature to store the files online . There are many companies , providing cloud services . Cloud storage gives the opportunity to access and use data anytime and anywhere online .

These companies use their big computer servers to store data and use distributed network for better functionality .

We can use these services on mobiles , computers , tablets and on all operating systems like Android , Windows , Mac os x , iOS   .

Here is a short good collection of these cloud storage service providers -

1. Google Drive-
Google drive
Google Drive

Google drive is a part of Gsuite collection . GDrive is a free service to store data online upto 15 GB . It also provide paid plans for 100GB, 1 TB , 2 TB, 10 TB , 100 TB . Google drive synchronizes with all google apps like google docs , spread sheets , word files , presentation files etc . It was launched by google in 2012 . Google drive apps are available in all platforms like Android , Mac , Windows .

2. Media fire -
Media fire

Media fire is a online data storage service provider . Media fire can store all types of files online . Media fire apps are available in all platforms as , android , mac os , windows , Linux , blackberry and web browsers . It can synchronize with our devices and provide the feature to access data anywhere and anytime . You can start free and can upgrade later .

3. Drop box -
Drop Box

You get here free 2 GB storage space online to store data . This 2GB can be increasedhere by some refferal programs and even paid cloud storage is available for more data .

Dropbox Business subscriptions allow users to collaborate on work and providing each person unlimited space in a personal Dropbox account.

4. Box -

Here we can upload large files and all type of files.
Box with content management and file sharing service for business box provides free model to work for users to share the files to host the files and to store the large online content box company provides applications for all platforms like Windows Mac OS . Box was founded in 2005.

5. Sugarsync -

Sugarsync is an online cloud and backup service . It provides synchronization across devices and computers for file backups , access and file transfer .
Sugarsync works with variety of operating systems Android , windows ,mac os x , ios .

6. Onedrive -

Onedrive is a cloud file hosting service owned by Microsoft . Onedrive features the users to store windows data directly to onedrive . Onedrive was named SkyDrive before .
Files can be synced to a pc and accessed from a web browser or mobile device . Files can be shared public or with specific people .

7. DigiLocker - 

Digilocker is a clpud based service and an initiative by government of india . All indian citizens can use DigiLocker by linking with national id proof Aadhar card .
Here All legacy document files are free to store upto 1 GB individually .

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

How to promote a website or blog at free of cost

There are many ways available on the internet to promote something , may be a website , blog , service or any business product but you can also promote at free of cost . Here are the some ways listed to do this .

website or blog promotion free
Free Website Promotion

1. Search engine listing -

Yes , search engine listing is the first and beginning promotion for any website . Search engine indexes only those websites , that are submitted their existence .

Google , yahoo , bing all major search engines prefer to show only the indexed websites .

Most of the time , website does not rank with google even having the good content and seo , the reason may be not indexing in the search engines .

2. Using Keywords planner - Google keyword planner is free to use . Relevent keywords to the website are like a good promotion itself . More relevent keywords to website increase more organic traffic during searching results .

3. Social media -

Social media covers more than 70% traffic in the internet communities , then it must a good platform to promote a website or any product .

These social media sites give the advertising feature at some paid prize but not a bad idea for free promotion .

Facebook - facebook gives the free feature to connect new people . Here everyone can create the facebook pages at free . You can join a community of the people like you or like your website and can share your website there .

Google+ - this provides a large number of communities over internet from all over the world . You can follow a community like you and can also create your own collection at free .

Pinterest - pinterest contains the images mostly to describe a lot in short . You can create your web images with website links here .

4. Micro blogging sites -

Twitter - create your profile on twitter start promoting your website links to the twitter community . More followers gives the better promotion and worth to get organic traffic .

Quora - quora is an question answer website . Find the questions about relevent and answer them with linking to your new product .

Linkedin - linkedin is the biggest platform for professionals and job seekers . Create a profile , share your skills and new products as well .

Stumbleupon - This app provides the best of websites , images over the internet so has a big set of real users . It nay be a good platform for promotion at free .

Reddit - it says itself the , front page of internet . It is mostly used website in us according to Alexa . It has also a large set of communities and atleast a community to everyone .

5. Web Directories -
There are many small level web directories available . You can serach internet and find them easily to submit your website .

6. Writing Guest posts -
you are writing better on your website but try to write for other websites as guest blogging . This gives you the new audience and some real backlinks to your website .

7. UC News -
uc covers most of the android devices and shows the uc news . You can register your blog or website here to show in the UC news .

How to become Domain Reseller

We purchase domain names , hosting services to make a website visible to others online but we can also become the domain and hosting resell...